Visiting Rules When Having a Child in Custody

Updated on Friday 21st April 2017

Visiting Rules When Having a Child in Custody Image
A teenager held in secure centers will attend to all sorts of activities meant to improve their behavior, in order to get back into the society. Besides learning numerous skills to find a job and to reintegrate back into the society, the parents and the relatives can also help the teenager in this matter, which is why there are certain rules regarding the visits in the secure centers. Persons who have teenagers kept in custody should seek advice from our defence solicitors in London.

Visiting rules for relatives with teenagers in custody

First of all, a parent, tutor or a relative should find out details about the secure center where the youngster is kept and then he/she needs to get in touch with the officer in charge to schedule a visit. Besides family members, the friends can also make a visit and if they are under 18, they must be escorted by an adult. All secure centers have a special visiting program and take into consideration that no visits will be allowed outside the settled hours. A permission might be necessary if you are accompanied by more than two persons who want to visit your child. We remind that any aspect related to the custodial sentences in the UK can be explained by our criminal defence lawyers in the UK.

Get support for visits to the secure centers in UK

A family member can visit the teenager kept into custody at least once per week, but in special cases, additional visits can be scheduled with a particular permission granted by the authorities in charge. As for the costs of the displacements, the family members can obtain remuneration for tickets or gas. The Prison Service is in charge with these matters and it is the institution which can establish the travel expenses according to their special rules. We remind that a teenager kept in custody has the right to contact any family member he/she wishes without constraints.

Please feel free to contact our team of defence solicitors in London for extra details about the visiting rules when having a child in custody.