What are Either Way Offences Defined by the Law in UK?

Updated on Wednesday 13th December 2017

Either way offences in UK can be dealt whether at the Crown Court or the Magistrates’ Court. These crimes can be both serious or less serious and in a general way are linked to the level of damage caused to the community. If you are an individual accused of offences in UK, it is suggested to ask for legal advice from our criminal lawyers in London. Our team can sustain you in front of the authorities regardless of the court in which your case will be trialed.

The meaning of either way offences

Depending on the amount of importance, and on the impact on the society, a criminal offence can be minor or serious.  Persons accused of offences in UK and who pleaded not guilty are subject to the way in which the case is held in front of the authorities. He or she can be sent for trial at the Magistrates’ Courts or at the Crown Court. This will depend on the gravity of the case, if the Prosecution offers suitable evidence and considers that the verdict will pass the maximum sentencing level related to the situation. This is a circumstance which is normally judged in the Crown Court. Our criminal defence solicitors in UK are able to verify your case and can offer legal support in any type of court.

Types of either way offences in UK

Dangerous driving, theft, burglary are only a few of either way offences, subject to a different kind of judgment. Our criminal solicitors in London have a wide experience in such cases and can properly sustain your defence in front of the authorities. Summary trials involving the offences mentioned above are usually held at the Magistrate’s Court where an offender can be cleared if a solid defence is provided, in a trial with juries, a matter where you can ask for complete help from our criminal lawyers in UK. If the individual is found guilty of either way offences in UK, he/ she can be sent to the Crown Court for punishing.

If you have been accused of either way offences in UK, please feel free to get in touch with our team of criminal defence solicitors in London to obtain legal support.