What Happens With a Young Person in Custody in UK?

Updated on Wednesday 19th April 2017

What Happens With a Young Person in Custody in UK? Image
Numerous young people under 18 commit all kinds of criminal offences for which they can be punished in accordance with the rules and regulations in the UK. For their inappropriate behavior, they can be sent into custody if the court of law issues a sentence. If your child has law problems, it is best to seek legal advice from our defence solicitors in London who have a wide experience in these matters and can represent you from the beginning of the investigation of the case.

Custodial sentences for youngsters in the UK

A custodial sentence can be given to young individuals who committed serious crimes, who have a criminal record and if they are considered a risk to the community. The offenders can be sent into special secure centers, near to their domicile, based on several criteria among which age and sex. Once they arrived in the secure center, an officer in charge will search the youngster for his/her belongings, will initiate an interview and will explain the terms of the custody. If a health problem is involved, the teenager will receive special attention as soon as he/she arrives. Children with drug problems will receive special treatments for their addiction and will be permanently supervised. We remind that any person who deals with serious accusations can be represented in the court of law by our criminal defence lawyers in UK.

Details about the custody for teenagers in UK

A secure center is a place where teenagers have the possibility to rehabilitate and take part in several important programmes to change their conduct, of course, under the supervision of a specialized team. The secure training centers and the young offender institutions are important places where the teenagers have the chance to learn new things and to obey the rules imposed in these kinds of institutes. The special programmes can also be implemented at home if the criminal offences are less severe. Getting back in school is a major task for officers and counselors in charge who need to make the children understand the importance of education and the activities involved.

If your child has been kept in custody, we strongly recommend you to contact our team of criminal defence lawyers in London who can provide you with legal assistance for a best possible result.