What is Police Entrapment in UK?

Updated on Tuesday 08th May 2018

The entrapment represents a set-up which might arise when police officers use pressure and all sorts of methods to encourage someone to commit a serious offence. This is definitely a serious situation in UK, and persons dealing with police entrapment should immediately request legal assistance and representation from our team of criminal defence lawyers in London.

What creates entrapment in UK?

When a law enforcement officer in UK persuades an individual to perform or execute a crime which he/she would not commit in other circumstances, this is called entrapment or set-up. In other words, this is a planned situation by the police in UK to corrupt persons in acting in an illegal manner. It is good to know that such methods are generally dejected in UK because the police should catch offenders without having to set up different scenarios. Our defence solicitors in UK can offer complete legal services in cases of police entrapment and can sustain the position in front of the authorities.

How court proceedings take place in police entrapment cases in UK?

Police entrapment cases dealt in the court of law in UK will depend on the evidence presented and on the significance level of a possible conviction. This is a case where encouraging the criminal activities by using police entrapment in UK might be accepted or not in the court of law. We remind that legal assistance can be offered in such case by our criminal lawyers in London.

Reasons why police entrapment is used in UK

There are certain guidelines that make the law enforcement officers decide for entrapment methods in UK, such as:
  • the police have strong reasons to believe that the suspects have criminal activities;
  • the authorities must act in good faith when planning a set-up;
  • the vulnerability of the suspect is verified in the first instance;
  • entrapment in UK can be used as mitigation when establishing the sentence.

Is entrapment necessary in UK?

Police entrapment is not recommended in UK, but such method can be considered necessary when hunting for suspects or criminals who are for a long time observed. In UK, police entrapment was used in the 18 and 19 centuries in the banking system, but nowadays, there are many situations in which such procedures are used.

If you need legal services in UK for police entrapment cases, please feel free to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in UK.