What Recall to Prison Means in UK?

Updated on Monday 14th May 2018

Offenders who served prison for a particular period of time and are then released on parole can be sent back to prison if they break the conditions of the liberation. This is known as a recall to prison in UK and persons found in this situation should ask for legal advice and representation from our team of criminal defence solicitors in London. It is best to seek legal support when dealing with parole and the established conditions in this matter.

When are offenders released from prison in UK?

Criminals in UK who have been imprisoned for a period of time can be released under parole conditions once the authorities consider they won’t represent public threats. In most cases, the parole conditions are related to the restriction of getting out of the country or dealing with the victims. A defence solicitor in UK can help offenders when applying for parole in the UK, as they can verify the cases and present solid arguments which can sustain the parole decision.

When can an offender be recalled to prison in UK?

Individuals who have been released on parole in UK and who do not entirely respect the conditions imposed in this matter can be recalled to prison by the authorities in charge. In other words, if they break the license conditions, if they commit other crimes or if the officer in charge of the persons released on parole considers that the conduct of the individuals in the society is not appropriate, then offenders can go back to jail. There are many cases in which the criminal acts are linked to the possession and consumption of drugs and alcohol. We remind that our criminal lawyers in London are at your disposal with legal advice when dealing with parole requirements in UK.

A person recalled to prison in UK

If the parole license is breached, the police in UK can arrest the person involved, and more than that, such individual cannot be considered eligible for living in the community for a particular period of time. The report of the recalled reasons is usually presented to the lawyers in charge of the legal support for the offender.

If you would like to know more about the conditions of recall to prison, please feel free to contact our team of criminal defence lawyers in UK.