What You Can Do in Case of Discrimination in UK

Updated on Thursday 25th May 2017

What You Can Do in Case of Discrimination in UK Image
The discrimination is definitely a serious problem worldwide, but people need to be reminded that they have rights and they can go to the court of law or tribunal to make a claim in this matter and to regain their rights. If you have been accused of discrimination and received a penalty, we recommend you get in touch with our criminal defence lawyers in London for legal advice in this matter. You may also solicit legal representation in the court of law if you have been arrested for criminal offences in UK.


What is discrimination?

Persons with a discriminatory or anti-social behavior in address to other people may face the court of law because such offences are against the law. It is forbidden to act in a discriminatory mode regarding the sex, age, religion, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, origins or beliefs of others. According to the Equality Act 2010, individuals are treated in a fair manner regardless of their status, at work, in the society, as a consumer, as a member of an association or in education.

Types if discrimination in UK

Once you treat a person with disrespect and make racist or discriminatory remarks, these can be considered offences and can be punished in accordance with the law, as they are direct discriminations. Making or offering unfair disadvantage because of a person’s race, religion, color or sexual orientation enter the indirect category of discrimination and can be punished with penalties or banning orders. The harassment of a person in a discriminatory way is not tolerated in the UK and such behavior can be dealt with the court of law if it leads to unwanted and serious consequences such as rape or crime. Persons charged with discrimination offences and kept into police custody have the right to solicit legal advice, which is why we recommend you talk to one of our criminal lawyers in UK.

What is work discrimination and what can you do?

From the beginning, we remind that the laws in the UK protect its citizens from discrimination at the place of work regarding the salary, training, promotions, benefits, dismissal, employment terms. All persons who work in a company will be treated in accordance with their skills, not for their beliefs, race, gender and so on. We remind that people with disabilities have the same rights as any other employees in a company, and if not respected, they can solicit the legal help of an attorney who can analyze the case and act for the person’s best result.

Please feel free to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in UK for complete information about what you can do in case of discrimination.