When Is an Offender Released on License in UK?

Updated on Monday 16th July 2018

The UK authorities can issue four types of licenses also called Release on Temporary License (ROTL) for the prisoners who, according to the law, can be released from prison for a settled period of time. There are particular reasons which need to stand at the base of issuing such licenses, but for a complete understanding of the legal aspects, we invite you to ask for support from our team of criminal defence lawyers in UK.

Types of ROTL in UK

The temporary licenses are issued for prisoners who have serious family problems or related issues like being a single parent with children in custody, and no other relatives. The authorities can grant four types of temporary licenses like special purpose release, resettlement day release, childcare resettlement and resettlement overnight release.

Who can be released from prison with a ROTL in UK?

The temporary licenses are available only for specific categories of prisoners like the ones who have not received a sentence yet, who deal with extradition proceedings, or for the ones who expect a verdict for additional offences.

Resettlement day release in UK

Offenders who were eligible for resettlement day release can use this right for solving family issues, to attend to probation interviews, training sessions or workshops, to open a bank account or to carry out voluntary work obligations in UK. If you are applying for a resettlement day release license, we strongly recommend you to ask for legal support from our criminal lawyers in UK.

What is a childcare resettlement leave in UK?

Prisoners who are single parents and have children in custody can solicit a childcare resettlement leave. They are eligible for this right only if their children are under 16 years of age. Also, mothers who reside in a mother and baby center in UK and who have children at home can solicit a childcare resettlement leave. This type of license is normally issued for a maximum of 3 nights in every 2 months, but if the case is subject to special matters like minors with physical problems, the license can be reconsidered.

We invite you to contact our team of criminal lawyers in London for complete legal support in cases of offenders released on license in UK.