Who Can Claim Criminal Injury Compensation

Updated on Sunday 11th February 2018

According to the criminal law in UK, the victims of violent crimes have the right to ask for compensations. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) in UK is the governmental institution which verifies such cases and responds for the payments of victims of crimes. Our criminal defence solicitors in London can provide complete assistance and legal support for persons accused of crimes in UK and can offer help for victims of violence.

Obtaining compensations in crime cases in UK

Financial compensations are provided in England, Wales, and Scotland by CICA, the governmental entity in charge of cases where victims of injuries claim such rights. The eligibility is established by the same institution for persons who have been harmed in an act of violence. This is also the case of offenders who have not been condemned or charged with the particular crime. In this sense, persons can qualify for injury compensations of GBP 1,000 if they have been seriously harmed. UK citizens who have been injured outside UK cannot claim for compensations. The same thing is available for individuals with criminal records or who haven’t reported the violent incidents to the police. Our criminal lawyers in UK stand at your disposal with legal advice and proper representation in front of the authorities in such cases.

Who to apply for criminal injury compensations in UK

First of all, one must report the violent crime he/she was involved in and talk to the police in this sense. Before that, it is suggested to ask for legal advice which can be offered by our criminal solicitors in London. Second, it is suggested to describe the incident, the date it took place, the circumstances and information about the police officer who observed your case. In the same stage, it is mandatory to provide details about the injuries suffered and the consequences involved. All these details must be comprised by an application submitted to CICA in UK.

If you consider it is a case in which the help of our defence lawyers in London is necessary, we suggest you address to us before making any application. It is good to know that if victims of violent crimes are not capable physically and morally to ask for compensations, they can solicit the support of family members, or better yet, they can ask our solicitors in UK for assistance in this direction.

Please feel free to contact our team of criminal defence lawyers in UK for comprehensive legal support in crime cases and for claiming injury compensations.