Witnesses in the Court of Law - What You Need to Know

Updated on Tuesday 14th February 2017

Witnesses in the Court of Law - What You Need to Know Image
Witnesses or victims of a serious crime need to be present in the court of law and are suggested to ask for guidance and legal assistance from our criminal defence solicitors in London. In such situation, the witness needs to make a full statement which will weigh in a court hearing.


Being a witness in a UK court of law

The witness is usually kept in a separate room before he/she attends to the hearing, in order to not make contact with the offender or the accused implied in the case. This is how the witness can avoid being intimidated by certain persons, but if such situation intervenes, the witness can solicit help from the court staff or from his lawyer. It is good to know that the witness can receive details about the hearing, how the things work in the court of law and if he needs to do anything else besides making the statement for which he/she was called. The entire procedure related to the witnesses in the court of law can be explained by our criminal lawyers in the UK, who can also provide legal representation.

Details related to the statement of a witness in the UK

As a witness, the first statement is made at the police station, where legal help is recommended. If the witness has been announced about the date of the hearing, he/she should consider reviewing the declaration with the help of the Crown Prosecution Service. The entire statement needs to be properly mentioned in front of the magistrates’ court by the called witness, as declared at the police station. The credibility of a certain case will weigh in the court of law and can change the status of a case if the circumstances will be seen different. As a witness, you can also solicit an interpreter, if you cannot or if you are not able to tell your statement, but take into consideration that such interpreter will not play the part of an attorney.

If you are a witness in a case and you don’t know what to do in the court of law, you are invited to contact our team of criminal offences in the UK.