Your Rights If You Have Been Involved in a Crime in the UK

Updated on Wednesday 15th March 2017

Your Rights If You Have Been Involved in a Crime in the UK Image
If you have been involved in a crime in the UK as a witness or you want to report a crime, it is mandatory to contact the police and make the statements. Before you go to the police, we recommend you to get in touch with our defence lawyers in London for suitable help and legal assistance. Moreover, we remind that you have the right to know any details about the police investigation regarding the offence or crime you were involved in.

What happens after reporting a crime in the UK

If you do not have knowledge about the crime legislation in the UK related to the cases where individuals are involved in a crime directly or indirectly, it is best to solicit legal advice from our criminal defence solicitors in London. Once you have reported a crime to the police, you will receive a reference number and the contact details of the police officer in charge of the crime case. These circumstances require a complete investigation made by the police in the UK. It is good to know that you will be considered a witness in a crime and you will receive information about the status of the investigation if someone got arrested, released or tried. Our defence solicitor in the UK is able to provide you with assistance and guidance if you have been involved in a crime in a particular way.

The crime investigation in the UK

The investigation of a crime usually takes time, and if you are involved in such case, you might want to consider that you will be called to provide the police with details. We remind that you have the right to be represented by a criminal defence solicitor at the police station when declaring details about the crime you have been part of. With the same rights comes your privacy, which means that details about the investigation and yourself can be offered to the media only with your permission. No name or photo will be published unless you want to.

Additional information and details about your rights if you have been involved in a crime can be obtained from our team of criminal defence solicitors in the UK, so please feel free to contact us.