Botnet-Related Fraud Solicitors in London

Updated on Friday 06th September 2019

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Internet frauds take many forms and in most of the cases have a single purpose and that is to defraud persons or companies by having access to personal information like bank accounts. Botnet-related frauds are cyber crimes that can make serious damages to all sorts of devices, but mostly to computers, in varied forms. Such cyber crimes are programmed by hackers and can have serious consequences in terms of losses. If you are a victim of internet frauds or a person accused of such crimes, we recommend you ask for legal advice from our botnet-related fraud solicitors in London. The support of our criminal solicitors in London will prove essential, so legal support is needed in such cases.

What are botnet-related frauds?

Botnets are a collection of bots and a system of malware-infected computers which cannot be detected in time and which can develop all sorts of malicious attacks on the internet like taking down websites, obtaining personal information or sending spams. Participants in botnet-related frauds are nothing but hackers part of a serious crime network meant to fraudulently access personal information, and therefore, commit internet frauds. Below you can find additional information about botnet-related frauds:
  1. Botnets are normally created if a large number of vulnerable computers are infected with malware.
  2. Botnets can hide in different software programs that seem useful and trustworthy.
  3. Once downloaded from the internet, botnets are installed with the help of malicious software.
  4. Malware infected computers can be controlled at the same time by the botmaster.

A botmaster is normally the brain of the operation and the hacker who can control the infected computers at the same time. In many cases, large companies or important institutions are targeted for botnet attacks and that to access financial accounts or other important information. If you have been accused of internet frauds or if you are a victim of cyber crimes, we strongly recommend you get in touch with our botnet-related fraud solicitors in London and ask for help. Do not hesitate to talk to our criminal defence lawyers in London and solicit immediate legal advice in this case. 

The consequences of botnet-related frauds

At you might believe, the consequences of botnet-related frauds are extremely severe and that can involve an entire company, for example, where computers are controlled by hackers who have access to bank accounts and many more. At an international scale, the financial losses are huge and registered on a daily basis, even if experts in technology provide a multitude of protection methods on the internet. Unfortunately, many computer systems are vulnerable in front of botnet-related frauds. If you believe that your company is subject to internet frauds and attacks, the best thing to do is to hire the services of a specialist.

Controlling the computer. What is the role of a botmaster?

In most of the cases, a botmaster can control many computers by sending out spams, spreading out viruses to access and obtain computer information. Such information can include financial details used for committing identity fraud crimes. There are also cases in which such “precious” information is sold to third parties for large amounts of money. Unfortunately, numerous organized crime groups deal with internet crimes related to botnet frauds and many more, and which activate for many years without being detected.

How can a botnet-related fraud solicitor in London help?

Our botnet-related fraud solicitors in London have extensive experience in cyber crime cases and can represent computer criminals accused of such frauds. On the other hand, companies facing internet-related frauds should ask for the support of a criminal defence solicitor in London who can provide complete legal assistance and representation. Below we have gathered facts, data and statistics about internet crimes in UK:
  • around 4.5 million cyber-crimes have been committed in UK between March 2017 and March 2018;
  • approximately 1.23 million out of 4.5 million were computer misuse frauds;
  • around 17 million citizens in UK have been victims of cyber crimes in 2017;
  • according to “2018 Cyber Security Breaches Survey”, 2 in 5 businesses have been involved in internet-related frauds in UK in the past 12 months.
If you would like to know more about the defence for botnet-related frauds in UK, we invite you to contact our criminal defence lawyers in London. Feel free to talk to our botnet-related fraud solicitors in London and ask for immediate legal advice.