British Laws Regarding Minor Offences

Updated on Saturday 10th September 2016

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Any individual charged with minor offences must know that he can solicit legal assistance and guidance from our criminal defence solicitors in LondonMinor offences are classified based on their nature and on the situation. Certain offences are considered minor crimes.

What are minor offences in the UK?

Minor offences can be charged by the police and due to the circumstances, our criminal lawyers in London will offer proper information about the British legislation, and what needs to be done upon your case, in order to obtain best possible result. A theft offence, for instance, can be measured as minor or serious offence, if we are talking about a lower or a higher quantity of stolen money.

A minor offence can involve prosecution, so it is recommended to ask for legal assistance from our defence lawyer in London. He will properly examine your case and if he demonstrates you are not involved in a serious offence you can receive warnings, penalties or fees. In the same category of minor offences we mention property trespassing, petty assault, road traffic offences or inappropriate behavior. These types of offences can be heard by a magistrate instead of a judge with a jury, and the defendant can be represented by our criminal defence solicitor in the Court of Law.

It is essential to determine the importance of the minor offence and the aspects of the offender, and this is what a prosecutor does. He will consider if the person needs to be charged, if the circumstances demonstrate that there is enough proof to deliver a real point of conviction.

How can a defence solicitor help you in minor offence charges in UK?

Any individual charged with a minor offence can be prosecuted after verifying the conditions of the case, like the nature of the crime, the method in which the crime was made, the damage caused and the criminal record of the involved person. Our criminal defence lawyer in London will properly analyze your entire case and also the circumstances, in order to offer suitable guidance and legal assistance. They can negotiate upon your case and they can assist you during the process or if you wish to apply for bail.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our team of criminal defence lawyers in London, if you need legal advice and proper guidance.


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