British Rules Regarding Appeals to Sentences

Updated on Saturday 03rd September 2016

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If you are involved in a trial and you are sentenced for a specific offence you should know that the UK legislation permits you to appeal the court decision. In case you are found guilty and you have received a verdict, then you cannot appeal. Our defence solicitors in London can offer proper guidance and legal assistance if you wish to appeal your sentence.


Appeal rules in the UK

An individual convicted by the Magistrates Court in the UK has the right to appeal against the verdict in no more than 21 days, in a written notification, according to the Criminal Procedure Rules, part 63. The criminal defence lawyer in London reminds that persons can appeal the conviction and the sentence also. Take into consideration that a conviction cannot be appealed if you did not pleaded guilty. It is good to know that any problem in the notification appeal should be presented to the attention of the appeal tribunal before the petition is expected.

The Magistrates Court has no power to modify an order or charge upon which a complainant has been condemned, but has the power to correct any mistakes in the verdict including the decision which is the theme of appeal. The criminal defence solicitors in London will provide you with all the information needed that refers to the appeals to sentences in the UK.

How to appeal in the UK

Any individual, with the help from our defence lawyer in London, can make an appeal for a sentence if the court decision is not available under the present legislation, if the judge did not understand all the evidences during the process, if there are procedural mistakes and if the magistrates did not analyze properly the entire case. As a reminder, an individual can give up the appeal with a written notification before the enquiry to the same participants to whom the notice of appeal was sent. The British rules regarding appeals to sentences are strict and very well developed so it is necessary to understand them first. 

You can contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London if you need additional information and legal assistance upon your case.


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