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Updated on Tuesday 07th November 2017

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Businessmen, either local or foreign involved in a case such as a business crime should know that they are in full rights to receive legal advice and support from an experienced attorney. Our criminal solicitors in London can provide business crime representation in cases like bribery, corruption or fraud. Our team is specialized in a wide range of offences where complete analysis and correct approach in business crime cases are mandatory.

Business Crimes in the United Kingdom

Currently, London is one of the largest business centers in the world (locally contributes with over 22% of the country’s total output), making our country not only a very attractive market to invest in, but also one of the biggest targets for business crime. Nowadays, criminals get more organized and the reasons for targeting businesses are various, although the most important remain the financial gain through fraud. And the biggest targets are small or medium companies, due to the fact that they cannot reduce the fraud impact when they are victims of business crimes. This fact decreases the confidence of customers and, starting from here, the wellbeing of the economy is affected.

The most known types of business crimes in UK are:

•    fraud;
•    bribery;
•    money laundering;
•    corruption

If you want to know more details about the legal services we can provide if you have been charged with a business crime, we invite you to watch the video below: 

Legal advice for business crime cases 

Our criminal solicitors in London can provide specialized support in a various range of business crime cases and can legally represent you in:

•    bribery cases;
•    money laundering and fraud defence (including investment fraud);
•    corruption and confiscation of assets cases. 

Legal representation in case of fraud in UK

Fraud by false representation, by failing to disclose valuable information or by abuse of position are the three important parts of the Fraud Act in UK. For a complete understanding of fraud acts, it is good to know that gaining advantages for personal reasons or for someone’s benefits through illegal procedures are considered serious offences which are defined as frauds. Also, if individuals who own important positions in a company or in certain institutions with enough power of decision and who act in a dishonest manner to obtain all kinds of benefits can be suspect of fraud acts which are punished in accordance with the rules and regulations in the UK. Our defence solicitors in London will correctly supervise and analyze your case if you have been charged with fraud offences, in order to adopt a suitable approach and to represent you in a proper manner. The fraud charges can be dropped if you receive legal representation from our experienced team of lawyers.

Legal representation in case of corruption in UK

Have you been accused of corruption in the UK and you need legal advice? You should get in touch immediately with our team of criminal defence lawyers in the UK who can represent you in such important case. Corruption means offering all sorts of favours certain people, in order to receive particular benefits. Businesses, public positions or important agencies worldwide are involved in corruption cases of million dollars or euros. If you have been accused of corruption, you have the right to solicit legal representation as soon as possible from our criminal lawyers in UK.

We remind that FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) is the legal power in the United Kingdom who has all the authority to impose penalties such as fines or even to retract the authorization of a business suspected of a business crime. Our criminal solicitors in London can represent you in case your company is suspected of financial misconduct and can legally support you and offer the input to any authority that is in charge of the investigation of a crime in the business field

In case your company is suspected of misconduct and you need representation in a business crime case, please contact our team of criminal solicitors in London


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