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Updated on Sunday 22nd September 2019

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Call centre scams are unfortunately among crimes that happen on a daily basis anywhere in the world. Fraudsters are quite inventive when it comes to scams over the phone, and call centre frauds are widespread, according to the latest statistics. Above all, the final result refers to huge financial loses where even banks can be involved. If you are a victim of call centre frauds or if you have been accused of such crimes, you should ask for the legal support of our criminal defence solicitors in London. We mention that our call centre fraud solicitors in London have experience in this field and can provide complete legal advice and assistance.

Call centres acting on behalf of banks

A worrying phenomenon is the one referring to false call centres that have access to different database of bank clients, whether local or abroad. The mechanism is quite simple and a reason why many people get trapped by such scams. False calls are made in the name of a bank by so-called representatives, asking for personal data like name, address (for specific verifications to sound like a bank call), and bank account details. Even though some persons might not be convinced right from the beginning by the intentions of a bank representative, the persuasive methods, unfortunately, always succeed. Having personal information like bank accounts, it is quite simple and easy for call centre fraudsters to access such accounts and to withdraw different sums of money. This is just another type of fraud made over the phone, in about the same direction as telemarketers. If you need legal advice in this sense, feel free to talk to our call centre fraud solicitors in London, and besides that, you might want to pay attention to the following information about call centre frauds:
  1. Security questions can be used over the phone by false call centres.
  2. Fraudulent callers can ask for social security numbers to simulate a verification.
  3. There are cases in which callers act in an aggressive manner over the phone, a moment in which the victim can become suspicious.
  4. The purpose of fraudsters is to access bank account information and finances.
Unfortunately, persons turn into real victims quite rapidly if the speech of callers sounds convincing. It is highly recommended to get in touch with a call centre fraud solicitor in London and ask for immediate legal advice if you a victim of such fraud.

How do we protect ourselves from call centre frauds?

Besides receiving calls from false bank representatives, one can also be fouled by telemarketers asking for money and/or personal information which, as recommended, should not be delivered. This is probably the main advice a person can consider when dealing with call centre fraudsters. It is good to know that financial institutions do not solicit personal information over the phone, particularly asking for bank accounts, a detail that a bank already has. Verification practices can also be adopted by individuals having phone call conversations with false callers they don’t believe in, such as the years of activity of the institution they represent or asking why they need details about the personal bank account when they are supposed to know such information about a client. A person can also tell that they will report the situation to the authorities and act in consequence if such calls will turn into daily events. This can be a moment when the conversation might stop, thinking that you discovered a potential fraud over the phone and ended in time. Our call centre solicitors in London can provide immediate legal advice and assistance for such cases, particularly for victims of such crimes. Also, legal assistance can be offered to persons or companies dealing with call centre fraud accusations.

Fraud statistics in UK

The Action Fraud Agency is an important institution in UK and a reporting centre for frauds that continues to act against crimes and frauds of any kind. The latest statistics about frauds in UK might be interesting for those wanting to understand the phenomenon:
  • authorized push payment scams worth GBP 145 million were registered in the first half of 2018;
  • more than GBP 500 million have been stolen by fraudsters from UK bank clients in the first 6 months of 2018;
  • in the same period, unauthorized payment frauds worth GBP 358 million were registered;
  • most of the payments were directed to inexistent products or services.
If you believe you were a victim of fraud, we invite you to contact our call centre fraud solicitors in London and ask for immediate legal advice.