Can you Avoid a Lawsuit for Criminal Charges?

Updated on Tuesday 27th November 2018

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Can you Avoid a Lawsuit for Criminal Charges? Image
Criminal charges are treated extremely serious in UK and if the prosecution gathers enough evidence in a case, a lawsuit cannot be avoided. Our team of criminal defence solicitors in London is at the disposal of offenders with complete legal support and representation in the court of law in UK for criminal charges of any type. They can provide the necessary defence in front of the authorities in order to achieve the best possible result.

What is the defence for a criminal charge?

A criminal defence solicitor in London is necessary for any offender who faces criminal accusations for which a complete defence is mandatory. A strong defence can help an offender apply for bail if kept into police custody and avoid a lawsuit if there isn’t enough evidence in the case. Once the bail is accepted and the offender is released from prison, the next step is to continue the investigation and to gather evidence for a possible lawsuit. Your lawyer in London will continue to defend you in front of the authorities and will properly analyze the case in order to avoid a lawsuit. There are many cases in which the court of law decides for cautions and penalties instead of a lawsuit, if the criminal charges are not that serious and if the offender is not considered a public threat. Such cases can be entirely supervised and analyzed by our team of defence solicitors in London.

Avoiding a lawsuit in a business crime case?

Money laundering, investment fraud, bribery, and fraud are a few of the business crime cases met in UK for which offenders should seek legal advice. In many cases, a solid defence will lead to financial penalties instead of a lawsuit, depending on the circumstances and consequences. In such cases, a clear criminal record might seriously weigh in the case of a business crime in front of the authorities, however, caution measures and penalties are imposed. Here are a few facts about business crimes in UK:
  • fraud is related to illegal profits and the cases in which a person remains without money or certain rights;
  • the investment fraud can affect a company or several businesses in UK;
  • money laundering is related to many financial institutions in UK;
  • bribery is against the law and persons accused of such crime can face penalties and imprisonment.
We invite you to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London and find out information about how you can avoid a lawsuit in UK.