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Updated on Tuesday 24th September 2019

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Dream jobs and perfect career opportunities are definitely in the attention of anyone looking to thrive and develop in their profession, but how many of these are real opportunities? In most of the cases, career opportunity scams are discovered on the internet, and unfortunately, there are many persons who detect such scams when it is too late. Our career opportunity scams solicitors in London are at your disposal if you have been accused of such crimes. Also, our criminal defence solicitors in London can provide immediate support and legal advice for victims of career opportunity scams.

Job scam warnings – what you should avoid

It is true, good jobs are in most cases hard to find, and fraudsters speculated for many years this sector. This is how job scams have developed in recent years. Unfortunately, being a victim of career opportunity scams means allowing, without knowing, access to personal information and finances. The fraud mechanism developed quite fast on the internet and fraudsters have many scam methods to attract innocent people, and among these, professional emails announcing a big-money opportunity. Below you can find information about career opportunity scams that you might detect at a certain point:
  1. Absurdly simple job descriptions for which huge amounts of money are promised.
  2. Job offers presented on the internet or via the email by companies that do not exist.
  3. Online interviews for which personal information is requested in the first place.
  4. Emails presenting job offers have no contact information about the company looking for employees.
  5. No experience needed is most cases the method through which fraudsters want to attract potential victims.
Our career opportunity scams solicitors in London have experience in this field and can provide immediate legal advice to those confronted with such accusations. It is recommended to discuss to one of our criminal lawyers in London and find out more about the defence you can get in your case.

Are job ads on the internet true?

There have been reported numerous cases of false job announcements in recent years, and the authorities in UK (the National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre and the Metropolitan Police) continue to fight against the phenomenon through varied social programs to create awareness in this field. There are numerous false ads presented on the internet and it is up to us to protect ourselves against potential scams and so-called career opportunities that in the end are nothing but frauds. Recommendations in this direction are quite a few, and among these, a complete verification of a company promoting a certain job offer. It is also recommended to solicit information about how a company reached your resume and ask details about the platforms your job application appears. It is highly recommended to avoid any payment in advance or providing information about your bank account, and that because real companies do not solicit such things. We also recommend you talk to our career opportunity scams solicitors in London and ask for legal advice and support in this matter.

Advance-fee job scams

Unfortunately, there are numerous persons who get trapped by different jobs scams soliciting an advance payment. For example, persons are asked for money in exchange of a complete and accurate resume which is then presented to the company promising an excellent job opportunity. Also, some might ask for money in exchange of training sessions with the promise that the jobs are guaranteed as soon as the money is sent. These are cases you should analyze very well instead of believing all the things promised, particularly if money is involved. Unfortunately, potential candidates might be contacted over the phone, where an initial interview takes place for more than just a couple of minutes. This is a common type of career opportunity fraud involving large amounts of money due to a phone call that costs. It is quite normal to act suspicious and to refuse such a phone call, particularly if you know you didn’t apply for a specific job or if you don’t believe the unrealistic payment presented.
We have gathered information, facts and statistics about frauds in UK, that you should consider:
  • from the total financial loses in 2018 in UK, 56% represented payment card scams;
  • fraud losses summing up to around GBP 671.4 million were registered in UK in 2018;
  • GBP 506.4 million where false purchases made by phone, mail order or on the internet in 2018;
  • GBP 47.3 million represented financial loses due to card ID theft, in 2018.
You are invited to talk to our career opportunity scams solicitors in London and find out more about how you can receive complete legal assistance. Feel free to contact our team at any time.