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Updated on Tuesday 01st October 2019

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Cash point frauds are mostly related to the ATM machines through which fraudsters can hold captive credit cards with varied devices. Unfortunately, there are varied methods with which persons turn into victims and are left without money, right at the time they want to make cash transactions. Our cash point fraud solicitors in London are here to provide you with immediate legal advice if you have been accused of such frauds. Also, our criminal defence solicitors in London can help victims of cash point frauds with complete legal assistance and information.

Types of cash point frauds

Regrettably, fraudsters have varied methods through which they can gain easy money, and among these, cash point scams are widespread. Here is information about the main types of cash point frauds met in UK:
  1. Fake keypads are placed on ATM machines alongside card readers and are used to capture the PIN card – the information obtained is then used to clone a card.
  2. Hidden cameras can be used for recording details about a card.
  3. Scammers are devices which can be placed inside the card scanner to read the card details – such devices are well hidden and in most of the cases cannot be detected.
  4. The card slot can be replaced with a fake one (a magnetic stripe can be used) and in most of the cases, such device can swallow the card.
Luckily, there are numerous ways to protect against cash point frauds, and it is extremely important to pay attention to the ATM machines you intend to use. We remind that our cash point fraud solicitors in London are at the disposal of persons accused of such frauds and can offer legal assistance and representation as soon as the case is presented to us. Let our criminal defence lawyers in London offer in-depth legal advice ass soon as you get in touch with us.

Safety first – How do we protect ourselves from cash point frauds?

The National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre, the agency where frauds in UK are reported, provides a list of recommendations for anyone interested in complete protection against cash point frauds. For instance, it is highly recommended to verify the ATM machine before introducing the card and look for any device that might look suspicious. If you discover that something is wrong with the ATM machine, or if you cannot properly introduce the card into the slot, you should think that something unusual might happen with the electronic device. Feel free to contact the bank immediately and report the situation as soon as possible. The same advice is available for those who have a blocked card inside the ATM machine. 
It is highly recommended to cover the keypad while introducing the card’s PIN, and that to protect yourself from hidden cameras and also persons that might be to close to you at that moment. Also, it is recommended to pay attention to the surroundings and to refuse help from strangers or persons who want to distract you by asking questions or providing support you didn’t ask for. You should pay attention to anything that might seem suspicious at the time you want to withdraw money from an ATM machine, and if you feel that something is wrong, cancel the transaction and try to use another ATM machine.

How do I report a cash point fraud?

It is recommended to have the number of the bank you work with and call it right away if the ATM has “stolen” your credit or debit card. It is quite unusual to be left without your credit card when trying to make a transaction and the first thing to do is to contact the bank. There are also cases in which your card might have some issues and might be blocked into the ATM machine for that reason, but it is still recommended to contact the bank and ask for a solution.
Another important safety measure to consider is the one referring to the use of trustworthy ATM machines. However, this doesn’t mean that such ATMs cannot be hacked. We also mention that if you have been a victim of cash point frauds, you can get in touch with our criminal solicitors in London and ask for legal advice. The following facts, statistics, and information have been recently provided by UK Finance, the institution that represents the banking and financial industry in UK and acts in the best interest of clients:
  • approximately 435,000 frauds made with the help of stolen or lost cards have been reported in 2018;
  • a total value of around GBP 32.6 million represented card frauds in UK last year;
  • unauthorized frauds of approximately GBP 1.66 billion have been prevented by banks and card companies in 2018;
  • losses of about GBP 355 million represented authorized push payment scams in 2018.
You are invited to contact our team of cash point fraud solicitors in London and ask for legal advice and representation in front of the authorities.