Charitable Publication Scams Solicitors in London

Updated on Tuesday 01st October 2019

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Charitable donations are made on a daily basis and many of us are sensitive to different cases at a certain point. There is also a question mark when it comes to donations: how many of them are for real? Unfortunately, fraudsters have no sleep, are extremely inventive and can foul people through all sorts of methods, leaving them without money. If you have been a victim of fraud or if you are accused of such scams, it is recommended to get in touch with our charitable publication scams solicitors in London. The support of our criminal defence solicitors in London will prove important for such accusations.

How does the mechanism work?

Many fraudsters are involved in fake charities, some of them posted in local newspapers. The mechanism is quite simple and created by scammers who have a single purpose, and that is to gain easy money from innocent and naive people by taking advantage of their generosity:
  1. Fake announcements can be published offline and online, with persons asking for money for their unwanted situation;
  2. Some fraudsters create fake charities promising that all the money will go to special causes (poor families, sick people, etc.).
  3. Medical research is also a reason through which fake charities ask for money.
  4. Fake charitable organizations display a bank account where they want to receive money.
Even if the first impulse is to help people in need, it is though recommended to have a moment and make some verifications instead of simply giving the money away. Unfortunately, most of the charitable donations published in newspapers cannot be verified, so, it is quite easy for scammers to get into action and catch people full of compassion. Our charitable publication scams solicitors in London are here to provide immediate legal advice for persons who have been accused of fraud and for those who have been victims of scams like these. 

Charitable donations over the phone

There are many ways to ask for money and fraudsters can also use the phone call method. They present themselves as representatives of a certain charitable organization, even a well-known one without actually speaking on their behalf and talk about the cases for which they want to raise funds. People should ask questions before donating, and it is important to make some verifications about the charitable organization presented over the phone. Instead of giving your personal information, such as name, address and bank account, make sure that the money goes right to the case presented. Otherwise, you might discover that this was only a scam meant to leave you out of money. It is highly recommended to avoid offering personal details over the phone, even if you believe the case presented, and feel free to make some verifications instead of any movement. Our criminal defence lawyers in London are at your disposal if you want legal advice. Feel free to talk to one of our charitable publication scams solicitors in London and find out how we can help.

How do I protect myself against charitable donation fraudsters?

Charitable donations presented in different publications should be attentively verified, so looking for the organization raising funds for different causes should be the first thing to do. Most of these organizations have good-looking websites of social media accounts and no contact information. This should be a warning sign for you when deciding on donating money for a cause that seems suspicious. You should also get in touch with the newspaper displaying such adds and see if they have information about the donation request. 
Unfortunately, many innocent persons turn into real victims of fake charitable donations during the holiday period, so the advice is to pay extra attention to the announcements asking for money through varied methods: over the phone, in newspapers, at the door, via mobile applications or email. You can also report fraud cases to the National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre in UK. Below we have gathered statistics and facts about charity fraud and other crimes:
  • approximately GBP 8 million have been reported as charity fraud losses for 2018 and the present year;
  • more than 1,057 charity frauds have been reported in the same period;
  • more than GBP 12 billion have been stolen through scams and frauds in UK in 2018;
  • the authorities in UK prevented clients from losing around GBP 38 million in 2018;
  • unauthorized frauds worth approximately GBP 1.66 billion have been prevented in UK last year.
If you need legal advice and support, we highly recommend you to get in touch with our charitable publication scams solicitors in London.