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Updated on Monday 25th March 2019

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Our team of criminal solicitors in London is experienced in cases of check frauds that happen often nowadays when a person wants to purchase something, obtain funds from a bank to perform transactions using a false check. Bank fraud accusations are serious, including the ones involving check scams and anything related, therefore, it is important to have complete legal support and an experienced team of check fraud solicitors in London to provide the necessary defence in front of the authorities. 

Types of check frauds in UK

Check frauds have varied forms, and luckily, authorities from numerous countries worldwide strongly collaborate to stop such crimes. Here are the main check frauds for which offenders can face serious penalties and imprisonment:
  1. Forgery (when somebody steals another person’s check and cashes it using a false identity).
  2. Paperhanging: a person writes a check using the information of a closed account.
  3. Check kiting: somebody writes a check for a greater amount of money than the one existing in his/her bank account, then deposit the check in another account and withdraw an amount trying to defraud the bank.
  4. Counterfeiting and alteration: a check is made using a complex software or it is changed the handwriting on it.

What is check kiting?

Particular kinds of check frauds involve check kiting where the funds are placed before the end of the float period (the time between the mediation of a check and its authorization) to cover the fraud. Bad check writing involves false checks written by suspicious merchants with the purpose of using them for goods and services purchase. These are definitely serious frauds met on a daily basis and for which the UK authorities continue to fight with a series of measures and regulations. Having the needed legal advice provided by our check fraud solicitors in London will help offenders in the court of law in front of the authorities with a proper and strong defence. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our criminal defence solicitors in London and find out more about the legal representation we can offer.

Unusual check fraud cases

Unfortunately, check frauds take many forms, and as an example in this sense, check washing might affect many recipients in case of payments. Check washing is made with the help of chemicals to remove specific information, for example, a sum of money. Corporate false checks are often met, and there are cases in which bank employees fabricate such payments for their personal profit. If you have been accused of such crimes, it is recommended to contact a criminal solicitor in London

How can a check fraud solicitor in London help you?

Our check fraud solicitors in London are at the disposal of offenders who have been accused of money fraud and who are detained by the police until further investigations. It is mandatory to get in touch with our criminal defence solicitors in London and ask for immediate legal advice in order to be released on bail if there is no solid evidence in a case of check fraud accusation. If you are a suspect of check fraud and if an investigation started in your case, the best thing to do is to ask for legal advice from our team of check fraud solicitors experienced in such cases and who can review your case and the circumstances. It is important to have a solid defence right from the beginning and to know your legal rights in this situation. Our team will think and plan your defence in order to protect you and your family members of any kind of consequences. Law breaches might be on your side, therefore, the experience and knowledge of our team of advisors are extremely important because they need to create specific defence strategies. The police station interviews are the starting points in the case of check fraud accusations, where you are advised not to answer any questions until you have a legal representative by your side. Recovering the assets and challenging the detention might be important solutions in your case, for which specific strategies can be implemented. Bank frauds and check frauds are serious crimes for which imprisonment is imposed, therefore, feel free to get in touch with our criminal defence solicitors in London.

Fighting against check frauds in UK

False checks used for different operations are against the law in UK. Even so, financial institutions in UK developed a series of methods to detect such crimes and fight against them, like computer systems and software updated to the current breaches and frauds in this area. All financial institutions in UK provide varied protection services for clients, in order to avoid as much as possible any crimes involving false checks and payments.
It is mandatory to have legal support by your side and a team ready to offer representation and advice in case of check frauds, therefore, feel free to contact our criminal defence solicitors in London.