Cheque Fraud Solicitors in London

Updated on Tuesday 08th October 2019

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Using a false cheque for buying all sorts of products is a type of crime used by numerous fraudsters. This a serious financial crime, part of serious frauds, and if found guilty, impostors can go to jail. Our cheque fraud solicitors in London can provide legal advice for persons accused of such crimes. The experience of our criminal defence solicitors in London is needed for such cases, whether you are a victim of fraud or accused of cheque fraud.

What types of cheque fraud can be met?

Unfortunately, fraudsters have numerous ways to gain easy money, and cheque frauds are met on a daily basis, under different forms:
  1. Forgery – stolen cheques signed and used by fraudsters.
  2. Altered: valid cheques are issued by entitled account holders and then intercepted by fraudsters who change the beneficiary.
  3. Counterfeit – using fake cheques which are not authorized by account holders.
  4. Paperhanging – a false cheque signed under the name of a closed account.
The above-mentioned types of cheque frauds are mostly used by criminals looking to gain easy money, finances that are not theirs. Our cheque fraud solicitors in London have experience in this area and can help offenders by providing immediate legal advice and assistance in front of the authorities in UK. Let our criminal defence lawyers in London take care of your case if you are a victim of financial crimes.

How can we protect against cheque frauds?

Persons who detect that their bank account suffered some modifications should contact the bank immediately. It is also important to report your case to the police and the National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre and ask for support from a cheque fraud solicitor in London
Persons can find out at a certain point that a false cheque have ben signed on their behalf. Also, individuals can receive a cheque with a greater amount of money than agreed for which you are asked for a change. Anything that looks suspicious with a cheque should be reported immediately. Cheque frauds are treated extremely serious by the authorities in UK, so anything that looks suspicious in this case should be immediately reported, also sustained by a cheque fraud solicitor in London.

Avoiding cheque frauds

Electronic payments should be used instead of accepting cheques and this is a piece of advice recommended by most of the financial institutions that already focus on the protection methods and how they can be developed. Paying attention to the persons, companies or institutions you are accepting cheques from is another recommendation if you want to avoid receiving and using false cheques. It is also recommended to leave the cheque book in a safe place instead of forgetting it in the car, in a bank or any public place. Once stolen, fraudsters can use cheques in different ways. We remind that if you are a victim of cheque fraud you should report your case immediately and you should get in touch with a criminal solicitor in London.

Facts about cheque frauds in UK

Making payments with the help of cheques is a very used method and of high importance to numerous financial institutions. Business persons having trading companies often use this kind of method and unfortunately can turn into victims quite fast if they do not pay complete attention to the collaborators and customers they have. Approximately 86% of the businesses in UK used or made cheque payments in 2018, according to the latest statistics. Below you can find extra details, facts and statistics about cheque payments in UK in 2018:
  • approximately 346 million cheques have been used for different payments in UK;
  • an approximate total value of GBP 442 represented cheque payments in UK;
  • around 235 million cheques have been cleared in Great Britain last year;
  • around 96% of the charities in UK used cheque payments in the past 12 months.
Cheque payments are in complete attention of all financial institutions in UK that continue to improve the security systems in this field. Even so, regrettably, fraudsters always find ways to commit financial crimes through all kinds of methods. Because the internet is developing extremely fast, the specialists in this area continue to give warning signs to both clients and institutions, reminding that the financial sector is extremely sensitive and can be breached at any time, once a weakness sign is given.
If you believe you have been a victim of cheque frauds or if you have been accused of such financial crime, feel free to immediately contact our team of cheque fraud solicitors in London and ask for comprehensive legal advice and information.