Child Witness in UK

Updated on Friday 23rd November 2018

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Children or mentally ill minors who have been a witness in a criminal offence are subject to a different kind of procedure and hearing in the court of law. Their statement can be considered if it will weigh in the course of the trial, but only if it can be proved before anything else. Parents or tutors with children who have been called in the court of law as witnesses should ask for legal help from our criminal defence solicitors in London.

How a child witness testimony is treated in UK

From the beginning, we mention that children involved in a criminal case as witnesses may or may not be part in a hearing in the court of law. Considering the status of the minor, whether he/she is mentally ill or not, the magistrates will accept or not the testimony in this case. Please consider that in any kind of circumstances, a child must be accompanied by a parent, tutor or a legal representative if a declaration needs to be taken as a witness in a criminal case. With help from our defence solicitors in London, the parents or the tutors will receive complete legal assistance in such cases, taking into consideration the legislation for the protection of the minors.

Video testimony as an evidence in UK

If the parents or tutors do not agree to carry or to expose their children in the court of law, they can record the testimony, a matter where our criminal lawyers in UK can explain the entire procedure. Please consider that only high-quality videos will be accepted and the proper communication, where the consistency of the video declaration will be approved in the court of law. The protection of the minor witnesses is a serious issue in UK. Video recordings can only be seen by the authorities in charge, if the parents or tutors disagree any implication in this matter from the offender, including viewing the video testimony. Before releasing the tape in front of the magistrates, the irrelevant or sensitive material must be identified and technically removed. The prosecutors can also view the video material where the testimony of a minor witness has been recorded. Our defence solicitors in London will provide you with the necessary legal assistance if your child is a witness in a criminal case in UK.

For any other information about the child witness in UK, please feel free to get in touch with our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.