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Updated on Tuesday 08th October 2019

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Crimes and frauds have a serious impact on our lives in one form or another. Whether you heard that someone has been fouled over the telephone being convinced to buy something expensive they didn’t want or you received an email soliciting money for a cause that doesn’t exist, scams are quite present. For instance, clairvoyant scams affect numerous people who believe that if they pay a sum of money, some problems might disappear. If you have been accused of such frauds or you are a victim, we recommend you talk to our clairvoyant scams solicitors in London.

How does a clairvoyant scam work?

Clairvoyant fraudsters are quite persuasive and usually know how to deal with the emotions of a person, in order to get what they want: money. Below are details and information about how a psychic or clairvoyant scam works:
  1. Potential victims are contacted by telephone, email, postal office or even at the door.
  2. So-called clairvoyants tell victims that they might be subject to a possible danger, so they need to pay a certain fee to find out more;
  3. Some fraudsters might promise they offer the winning lottery numbers in exchange for money.
  4. Removing a curse or offering a solution that obviously doesn’t work might ask for a large sum of money a potential victim can offer.
In the end, victims discover that all the promised things were nothing but lies for which they paid large sums of money. Unfortunately, clairvoyant fraudsters know how to work with the emotions of a potential victim in such a manner that they convince them to pay different sums of money. If you have been a victim of such fraud, you should seek immediate legal advice from one of our clairvoyant scams solicitors in London.  Do not hesitate to talk to our criminal defence solicitors in London and ask for information about your rights if you have been a victim of clairvoyant scams.

How do we protect ourselves against clairvoyant fraudsters?

Promised fortune, wealth and good health are on the list of clairvoyant fraudsters who in most cases gain easy money by fooling people quite fast. These are nothing but scams a person should attentively measure before paying money. It is recommended to avoid giving your personal information about your bank account to a person that guarantees, one way or another, that all your problems will disappear. On the other hand, if you still want to receive the support of a psychic or clairvoyant, it is recommended to make some verifications, talk to a friend or search on the internet about this kind of help you are willing to pay for. Not all clairvoyants are fraudsters, but instead of being left out of money, it is highly recommended to take precaution measures. Feel free to talk to one of our criminal lawyers in London and ask for legal advice.

Clairvoyant scams over the phone

Telemarketing still gains terrain among customers of any kind. Fraudsters do not sleep and are found even in this area. For instance, clairvoyants might have access to a database of people who can be potential victims. The mechanism “respects” the same recipe of fouling a person and that is a promise of a cure, removing a curse, guaranteeing wellbeing in exchange for money. In most of the cases, victims are willing to pay good money for all kinds of services, and that because psychics are extremely convincing and use a rich speech over the phone. Different products described as lucky charms might be in the attention of victims who must pay a sum of money if they want the product. In this case, some persons might be convinced to give information about their bank account, in order for the scammer to be sure about the person and about the sum of money sent. Clairvoyant frauds are treated extremely serious and these should be reported to the National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre in UK.
In terms of frauds and scams of another kind, the following facts and statistics might capture your attention:
  • the Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit in UK successfully prevented frauds summing up to around GBP 94.5 million in 2018;
  • around 56% of the frauds registered in UK in 2018 were payment card frauds;
  • GBP 16.3 million represented counterfeit card loses in 2018 in UK;
  • about 64,000 card ID frauds have been registered in UK last year;
  • application fraud summing up to around GBP 29.4 million were registered in UK in 2018.
If you believe you are a victim of clairvoyant scams, you should contact one of our criminal defence solicitors in London and ask for immediate legal advice and support in front of the authorities.