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Updated on Tuesday 08th October 2019

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Online advertising took quite an advantage in the past decades and developed at a fast pace all over the world. This is definitely a positive direction for those wanting to make money on the internet through varied forms but unfortunately leaves open spaces to fraudsters who also have varied methods to foul persons and leave them out of money. Click fraud is often met on the internet and pay-per-click advertisement can generate fraudulent charges. Our click fraud solicitors in London can offer legal advice for persons accused of frauds on the internet. Also, victims of click frauds must know their rights in this matter, so a criminal defence solicitor in London can provide legal advice.

What is click fraud?

Click fraud occurs when an individual or a computer program exploits the online advertisers by making repetitively clicking on ads (pay-per-click) to generate fake charges. The following information describes in a large percent the click fraud cases:
  1. Competitors can involve in click frauds by accessing a company’s ad to increase the amount of money paid for the search term.
  2. Publishers can practice click fraud, particularly if they have small visibility on the internet.
  3. Even customers, without knowing, can engage in click fraud by regularly clicking on paid search ads.
  4. Click fraud might go undetected because the value of the number of clicks is small.
  5. Suspicious clicks can be blocked through different programs on the internet.
If your company or business is subject to click fraud accusations, you should seek legal advice from our criminal defence lawyers in London.

How can we detect click fraud?

Click fraud is mostly related to search engines and pay-per-click advertisements, but not limited to these. In the case of companies, data analysis can provide important information about their advertisement and the presence of fraud. In the case of advertisers, they can check the IP addresses if they detect a large number of clicks coming from a specific address. Advertisers have the possibility of identifying fraudulent clicks and block them with the help of varied programs. Click frauds are treated seriously in UK and are also part of cyber crimes for which, if accused of such frauds, immediate legal advice is recommended. Our click fraud solicitors in London have experience in this field and can provide legal assistance at any time.

Companies detecting click frauds

Most of the companies know that click frauds are a worrying phenomenon, so they take action and precaution measures in most of the times. For instance, web-based solutions can be offered by specialized IT companies that know how to deal with internet traffic and to identify frauds. It is extremely recommended to ask for the support of such companies and protect your firm against internet fraud. Being accused of fraud of any kind is definitely problematic to anyone, so it is highly recommended to ask for the legal support of a criminal lawyer in London and see what rights you have in this case.

Preventing or reducing click fraud

Click frauds happen on a daily basis anywhere in the world, so it is quite hard to detect in time when such scams develop. However, specialized services provided by IT companies can offer the needed protection in this area and can identify click frauds. The user behavior is constantly verified and monitored by dedicated IT firms that work closely with all sorts of companies. As business owners in the UK, one must pay attention to the potential frauds that they might be subject to, especially if they are present on the internet. It is highly suggested to have the support of a criminal defence solicitor in London who can provide legal advice in matters of business at any level.
Below are information, statistics, and data about frauds in UK that you might find it interesting:
  1. Approximately 4.5 million cyber crimes took place in UK during March 2018 and March 2019.
  2. In the same period, around 3.24 million cyber crimes were fraud offences in UK.
  3. Approximately 17 million residents in UK were victims of cyber crime in 2017.
  4. According to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey for 2018, 2 in 5 businesses were subject to cyber crimes.
  5. According to the Office of National Statistics in UK, persons aged between 35 and 44 are more likely to be cyber crime victims.
If you need the support of our click fraud solicitors in London, we strongly recommend you get in touch with us. Feel free to talk to our criminal defence solicitors in London and ask for legal support and representation for your case.