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Updated on Monday 27th May 2019

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Computer crimes refer to cyber crimes which are committed with the help of the internet and other devices and platforms. Phishing, online scams, identity theft and cyberbullying are among the highly developed type of serious crimes for which penalties are imposed. Our computer crime solicitors in London are at your disposal if you have been accused of cyber crimes or if you are a victim of such offences. Immediate legal advice is offered by our criminal defence solicitors in London.

What is identity theft?

Unfortunately, there are many cases involving identity theft and hackers who use varied methods to gain money. This type of crime involves the theft of personal information like the name, address, electronic signatures and bank accounts with the purpose of using such details to commit financial frauds. In many cases, financial identity theft is used to access all kinds of bank loans or other financial gains. Here are a few details about identity theft crimes and related features:
  1. Phishing scams are made with the help of internet and false emails soliciting private information.
  2. Online frauds are mostly related to investment frauds or credit card frauds.
  3. Personal information vulnerable or revealed on the internet is in the attention of hackers.
  4. False emails comprising all kinds of financial requests should be avoided.
  5. Computer crimes are also related to fake medicines sold on the internet.
  6. Cyberbullying is another form of computer crimes where explicit content can be used to intimidate someone, for example.
Our computer crime solicitors in London must be immediately contacted if you have been accused of cyber crimes. Even if you are a victim of computer crimes in UK, you should seek legal advice and representation from our team of criminal defence lawyers in London.

What are online scams?

Unfortunately, online frauds have developed at a fast pace anywhere in the world, even though the authorities continue to fight against the phenomenon. In most cases, online frauds refer to investment frauds and varied methods through which money is taken from individuals. Emails asking for money in one way or another are the ones that make individuals get trapped. We remind that if you receive a suspicious email asking for your private information and presenting a social case for which money is needed, we recommend you mark as spam or immediately delete it. There is no such thing like offering personal details like name, and bank account because you might discover one day that you ran out of money from your bank account. Online scams take different forms and are serious crimes for which severe penalties are imposed, including imprisonment. For immediate legal advice and support, we recommend you talk to our computer crime solicitors in London.

Internet scams and penalties in UK

Committing frauds with the help of the internet, computers and all sorts of devices are known are cyber crimes and are against the laws in UK, especially if huge financial losses are involved. For instance, a maximum of 5 years of imprisonment is issued for persons found guilty of computer crimes in UK. In severe cases of crimes involving sectors like energy, national security, or telecommunication, offenders might be sent to a maximum of 14 years of jail. Have you been accused of computer crimes and you need help? You should talk to our team of criminal defence lawyers in London as soon as possible. 

How can a computer crime solicitor in London help?

Computer crimes or cyber crimes have severe consequences in most of the cases, involving persons who find out they lost money by accessing all kinds of apprehensive emails or links soliciting money. Whether you are accused of computer crimes or are a victim of such offences, it is mandatory to ask for legal advice from our criminal solicitors in London. Our team has a vast experience in such cases and can provide you with comprehensive legal assistance and advice, in order to build the case and to examine all the aspects involved. Defending your rights in the court of law and handling even the most complex cases enter the attention of our computer crime solicitors in London. Each case is unique and presents different aspects, especially in cases of cryptocurrency frauds, hacking, investment frauds and related crimes for which years of imprisonment are issued. The evidence in computer crime cases plus the disclosure of unexploited materials will be in the attention of our team of criminal lawyers in London as soon as the case is presented.
We invite you to get in touch with our computer crime solicitors in London and ask for legal advice in cyber crime accusations.