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Updated on Tuesday 22nd October 2019

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Cyber crimes have no boundaries and hackers continue to be a serious threat to both companies and people. Computer hacking offenses are prosecuted in UK, so persons who are accused of such serious crimes will have to ask for the legal advice and representation of a criminal defence solicitor in London. Our computer hacking solicitors in London are here to provide immediate legal help and also legal representation in the court of law.

Short facts about computer hacking

According to the Computer Misuse Act 1990, persons who access a computer or device with all sorts of systems, to steal private information can be accused of cyber crimes. These are part of computer hacking offences and criminals can easily delete or remove important data on a device, access information about personal bank accounts, or even introduce viruses to destroy information on a computer. Here are details about cyber crimes for which persons accused should request the support of a computer hacking solicitor in London:
  1. Unauthorized access to computer content with specific systems.
  2. Stealing information from a device with intentional crimes.
  3. Hacking bank accounts and stealing important information.
  4. Computer crimes aiming for access to national security information.
If you have been accused of cyber crimes in UK or anywhere in the world, we strongly recommend you to talk to one of our computer hacking solicitors in London. The legal support of our criminal lawyers in London will prove extremely helpful for persons who were accused of computer hacking crimes or for those who are victims of such felonies.

Internet scams – how can we protect ourselves?

Internet crimes are met on a daily basis everywhere in the world, even if there is a serious awareness consolidated by authorities worldwide. In many cases, it is up to us to protect ourselves from eventual scams that might appear on the internet, the place where our personal information is extremely vulnerable. For instance, some people might discover that their bank account has been hacked and they have been left out of money, in a moment of vulnerability. Personal computers can be easily exposed to internet scams if there is no minimal protection. Some persons might access false information on the internet, asking for private data in exchange for different prizes or large sums of money. Unfortunately, such online scams proved successful in most of the cases because people believed in offers presented on the internet. It is recommended to pay attention to the entire information on the internet and report as spam anything that might seem suspicious, particularly when it comes to money and other financial promises. You can also ask for the legal advice of a computer hacking solicitor in London and find out information about your legal rights in cases of computer crimes. If you need representation in the court of law, feel free to talk to our criminal lawyers in London.

What happens if you are arrested for computer hacking crimes?

If you have been arrested for computer hacking crimes in UK, you might be kept into police custody for at least 24 hours. This is where our computer hacking solicitors in London can provide immediate legal advice. Our criminal solicitors in London can properly examine your case, can talk to the prosecutors in charge and can ask for evidence for such accusations. A solid defence strategy can be provided and more than that, the charges can be dropped if there is no evidence involved, and therefore, no further custody. Our computer hacking solicitors in London can also negotiate the terms of bail if it is the case. There are many questions in cases of persons accused of cyber crimes, among which, computer hacking cases, so the immediate support of a criminal defence solicitor in London will prove essential. Below we have gathered statistics and facts about cyber crimes in UK for the period between March 2017 and March 2018, provided by the Office of National Statistics in UK:
  • approximately 4.5 million cyber crimes were registered in UK and among these, 3.24 million were fraud offences;
  • 1.23 million computer crime cases, including child pornography, were committed in UK;
  • around GBP 130 billion were losses registered due to cyber crimes in UK in 2017;
  • in UK, 2 in 5 companies dealt with computer hacking cases;
  • persons aged between 35 and 44 are more likely to be victims of cyber crimes in UK.
Have you been accused of cyber crimes in UK? Are you a victim of online scams? We recommend you contact our team of computer hacking solicitors in London and ask for immediate legal advice and representation in the court of law.