Concurrent and Consecutive Sentences in UK

Updated on Friday 23rd November 2018

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Offenders who have been convicted of more crimes can receive a sentence for each offence, the length of them being established in accordance with the seriousness of the crime. These are known as concurrent sentences and can be issued in the court of law in UK. As for the consecutive ones, these are going to be served one after another, with no exception. For a better understanding of these sentences, our criminal defence solicitors in London can provide you with complete legal support and guidance.

Details about concurrent and consecutive sentences

The courts of law in UK impose varied sentences, including the concurrent and consecutive ones for a criminal who has been judged for more than just one crime. If a person is found guilty of multiple offences, whether they have been committed in different periods during one year or more, he/she can be imprisoned for each of them, which means a concurrent sentence is imposed. It is good to know that, if one sentence has been served, the second one will be imposed and so on. These are known as consecutive sentences, but the Parole Board can analyze each individual and, if a good behavior has been noticed, the offender can apply for parole, even if one sentence has been served. Our defence solicitors in London can explain in legal terms what these sentences mean and what your rights are in such situation. We remind that persons accused of criminal offences must solicit legal support from a criminal lawyer in UK.

Are consecutive sentences considered suitable?

According to the crimes committed, the circumstances, the consequences and the seriousness of the offences, an individual can face imprisonment for a long period. And if the prosecution reveals a number of crimes committed by the same person, he/she can serve concurrent and consecutive sentences. Such punishments are considered suitable and there is no obligation for the sentence to be stated in a historical date order, as they can be served in the order established by the court of law in UK. Our criminal defence solicitors in London can explain all the legal aspects about any type of sentences and the crimes for which are issued in the court of law. The same team can offer legal help starting from police custody and ending in front of the magistrates at the trial.

If you are interested in complete information about the concurrent and consecutive sentences, please contact our team of defence solicitors in London.