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Updated on Wednesday 24th May 2023

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Corporate fraud can have damaging consequences and can affect both companies and individuals. This type of crime is quite complex and can involve premeditated deceit or corruption against public or private sector companies. Even the area of law, in this case, is complex, but in-depth and immediate legal advice can be provided by one of our corporate fraud solicitors. The experience of our criminal defence lawyers in London will play a major role in cases of corporate fraud accusations.

What is corporate fraud?

Frauds committed against a business or in the company come in different forms and are considered corporate frauds. In a large picture, corporate fraud involves a company that offers false information about the activities, the financial data or anything related, with the intention of obtaining different advantages. Our business fraud solicitors in London can offer more details about the laws related to this type of crime. Below you can find a few important facts regarding the ways the corporate fraud can take place:
  1. Misrepresenting the products or services of a firm is considered corporate fraud.
  2. Falsifying accounting documents is also a serious crime for which imprisonment can be issued.
  3. Frauds in a corporation might work for several years until it is discovered.
  4. Confidential company information can be provided in exchange for different benefits, mostly financial.
Corporate fraud is a sensitive subject for the authorities in UK who continue to fight against this serious problem. Companies should ask for comprehensive legal advice and representation offered by our corporate fraud lawyers in London who have extensive knowledge in this area and who can create a suitable defence. Here is an infographic with more details presented by our business fraud solicitors

Accounting frauds in a company

Corporate fraud can involve false accounting records in a company, to avoid paying some taxes and increase profits. It is important to know that these activities can take place to cover the flaws in the company, such as lower revenue, net loss, decreasing sales, or substantial expenditures. Fraudsters use falsified accounting because they believe that in this way they can attract investors in the company or customers. We remind you that these are corporate frauds for which company owners or individuals can serve many years of imprisonment. If you find yourself in this position and need legal advice, please feel free to talk to our corporate fraud solicitors in London.

Have you been accused of crimes and want to know what your rights are? You can contact our business fraud solicitors and find out what it can be done in this regard. We can offer the necessary legal advice for those who are in difficult situations and who want to clarify the respective case as quickly and well as possible.

Misrepresenting products and services in a company

Another corporate fraud with serious consequences is related to the products and services of a company that are presented falsely. In other words, customers might discover that the products they purchased are of low quality. This means that firms offer products with defects instead of directing a part of the investments in redesigning or repairing them.

In the end, the results are as expected, meaning that clients can report such cases. Also, these kinds of situations are extremely bad for a company’s image on the market. It is extremely important to have the support of a criminal defence lawyer in London with experience in corporate fraud cases and have legal advice in front of such serious accusations. Let our corporate fraud solicitors give you immediate legal advice.

How can our business fraud solicitors help?

The legal advice of our team of corporate fraud solicitors is essential for such type of accusations. Corporate fraud can seriously affect a company’s reputation and image on the business market, however, such crimes take place on a daily basis. Those accused of false investments made in the firm (another corporate fraud type) should ask for immediate legal advice from our corporate fraud solicitor who can take and analyze the case, its particularities and create a solid defence in front of the authorities. It is good to know that the lack of evidence in corporate fraud cases might lead to situations in which charges can be dropped. Below we have gathered facts, information, and statistics about fraud in UK, as published by PwC’s Global Economic Crime Survey for 2018:
  • 19% of the frauds committed in UK last year were discovered with the help of fraud risk management;
  • 15% of the company frauds registered in UK in 2018 were revealed by internal audits;
  • more than GBP 1 million were lost through business frauds in 2018;
  • more than 69% of the participants of the survey declared that their business reputation was affected by fraud cases they were involved in.

Financial investment frauds, presented by our business fraud solicitors

When it comes to financial investments, things are pretty clear because extra attention needs to be provided for businesses interested in this direction. The protection against fraud is not always enough, and if breaches or scams appear, huge financial losses can be registered. One of our corporate fraud solicitors in London can give full support for those accused of such crimes or for those who are victims of fraud. Let one of our criminal defence solicitors in London offer complete legal guidance and assistance.

Ponzi Schemes, boiler room frauds, identity theft, banking scams, carbon credit scams, and false firms that offer fake investment opportunities are among the investment fraud types that can be met at a certain point. In most of cases, fraudsters can easily obtain personal financial information through varied methods: whether over the phone, via email or even at home. Here are some examples of financial investment fraud:
  1. Investment opportunities can be presented on email where persons are asked to send money in exchange for a company share or anything related.
  2. Fake telemarketers can present all sorts of investment opportunities, sustained by genuine contracts and/or documents.
  3. Fake ads can be seen on the internet, showing all kinds of financial investments with 100% rate of success.
  4. False companies can also be involved in fake investments, online and offline.
Instead of simply giving money for an investment that looks credible, it is highly recommended to make some verifications in the first place, and find out more about the offers presented. You can also have the legal support of a corporate fraud solicitor, with experience in the financial field. Let one of our financial investment solicitor in London provide you with comprehensive support and legal advice.

What is a Ponzi scheme?

A Ponzi scheme is, according to statistics, one of the most used types of investment fraud in the world. With roots back in the early ‘20s,  the Ponzi scheme involves companies, investors and varied businesses that get trapped in a financial crime that unfortunately cannot be discovered in time. The mechanism of a Ponzi scheme is quite simple and catchy: an investor or a company is attracted to invest in small businesses or firms, in exchange for a profit share at a certain point.

The only thing that happens is that investors discover this was a financial scam, they have left out of a sum of money and no profits in return. Later on, companies or individuals involved in a Ponzi scheme simply disappear, leaving no marks behind. Such situations are quite difficult to handle by the authorities, and unfortunately, numerous persons or firms get trapped by such kinds of financial fraud. So, what should you do in this case? The major advice is to pay complete attention to all investment offers and make some verifications before entering into an investment scheme. You can also talk to our business fraud solicitors in London and find out more about the Ponzi scheme.

Telemarketing – another fraud to consider

Unfortunately, not all telemarketing companies are real. There are cases of telemarketers who ask for money in exchange for products and services that are not delivered to customers. More than that, such fake telemarketers have access to a large database of clients, and regrettably, the business strategies they use are strongly related to an aggressive manner of working with customers over the phone.

They can also try to obtain personal information, like bank account numbers, and empty the pockets of innocent people who believe in this type of sale. This is definitely fraud on a high level, as companies are implicated in this kind of activity, using a large number of employees. Our corporate fraud solicitors in London know how to deal with such cases and situations, whether victims or companies decide on our legal advice. 
It is a known fact that personal information should not be offered over the phone to strangers, even if telemarketers present confidence and trust from the very beginning. If you find yourself in this difficult position and if you believe it is a fraud case, please feel free to talk to our advisors.

Employment frauds – what you need to know

Employment fraud is a type of crime that happens on a daily basis, all over the world. The mechanism is quite simple and involves fake job offers presented on the internet, email, and personal phone number. Regrettably, there are persons who believe such offers without making an initial verification and giving their complete personal information.
The mechanism is quite simple: the candidates must send a sum of money, in exchange for the guarantee that the job will be kept for them. In reality, there is no concrete job offer, but fraud is meant to make people pay for something they won’t receive. This is only a type of employment fraud that might occur at a certain moment. There are even firms and activities dealing with this kind of fraud. Yet, it is best to verify and ask for legal advice instead of believing such offers. Talk to our corporate fraud solicitors in London for extra details.

What is fraud by abuse of position?

Fraud by abuse of position mostly involves persons and officials who have decision-making positions and who take varied illegal actions for their own benefit. In this case, some might use company information and documents, and even staff as accomplices in fraud. The main target is to obtain different advantages or money for personal benefit, leading to losses in the company and more. If you are a suspect of fraud by abuse of position or if you have been involved in a situation like this without knowing, please feel free to get in touch with our corporate fraud solicitors in London and ask for legal advice.

What are the main signs of corporate fraud?

The main signs of corporate frauds usually refer to changes in company documents, newly appointed company managers, modified balance sheets, an unusual increase of company performances in a year, false documents registered in the firm, and many more. Company owners know the fraud risks that might occur in a business, so, risk management should enter the attention of any type of organization. This is where complete legal advice and representation can be provided by a corporate fraud solicitor in London and see how you can be helped.

Consider risk management in the firm in the UK

Business risks may happen at any time, and corporate fraud can be developed regardless of the size of the company. Business owners should pay attention to the threats of corporate frauds and carry out risk management methods offered and implemented by a specialist. This enters the responsibility of company owners in UK, mentioning that one of our corporate fraud solicitors in London can give a helping hand, advice, and support. There are many fraud prevention tactics and here are a few of the most important ones:
  1. Check your clients and company registration number before signing a contract.
  2. A domain name check should be considered.
  3. You can run periodic evaluations and analyses in the firm
  4. You can hire the services of professionals who can verify the company from a financial point of view, but not limited to this.
Legal advice and representation are advisable to company owners who want to protect the business against frauds. However, if you get implicated in corporate frauds, feel free to ask for immediate legal advice from a corporate fraud solicitor in London.

Making investments on the internet – is this safe?

Unfortunately, most of the investment offers presented on the internet are not that credible, still, there are numerous persons who believe in such fake chances. In many cases, fake investments are presented in the form of ads displayed on the internet with the help of fake websites or as marketing announcements on well-known official web pages. The mechanism can be complex or simple, meaning that a specific programme can be activated when clicking on an ad that presents an investment offer. On the other way, personal information, including financial details can be easily accessed if your personal devices are vulnerable. Investment offers presented via the email can look quite professional and can describe the offers on behalf of a well-known company, even if such a company is not involved at all. Our corporate fraud lawyer can give full support to those who are interested in financial investments and who want to avoid as much as possible the fraud and scam cases that might occur at a certain point. Here are some facts and numbers about frauds in UK that you might find it interesting, provided by UK Finance:
  • fraud and scams worth around GBP 1.2 billion have been registered in 2018 in UK;
  • scams and frauds worth approximately GBP 94.5 million have been prevented by the UK authorities in 2018;
  • investment scams worth around GBP 50.1 million have been  registered in UK in 2018;
  • more than 7,795 investment payments made for fake solicitors have been made in 2018 in UK.
The legal advice of a corporate fraud solicitor in London is necessary for companies facing such serious accusations. If you need support and representation, please feel free to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.