Counterfeit Cheque Fraud Solicitors in London

Updated on Monday 28th October 2019

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Cheque frauds are serious financial crimes and the consequences are in accordance with the gravity of the offence. Some offenders can go to jail for several years if found guilty of fraud. Counterfeit cheque frauds are common crimes and involve false cheques used to pay for different products and services. Persons accused of frauds must ask for the legal advice offered by one of our counterfeit cheque fraud solicitors in London. Our criminal defence lawyers in London have experience in financial crime cases.

Counterfeit cheque fraud facts

Counterfeit cheque fraud is a false cheque that comprises information just like a real one, it relates to a genuine bank account and it is created on a non-bank paper. The counterfeit cheque fraud takes place in varied forms and the following aspects show how the mechanism works:
  1. Fraudsters aim for some high-value items on sale (cars, equipment, etc.).
  2. Once agreed on a price, the fraudster sends a false cheque with a bigger sum than agreed.
  3. The fraudster is asking for the payment to be done and sometimes puts pressure on victims.
  4. Once the withdrawal is made, the bank discovers that the cheque is false.
Counterfeit cheque fraud might not be discovered in time, but the consequences are severe and leave victims out of money in their bank account. Fraudsters accused of financial crimes must ask for the legal advice of a counterfeit cheque fraud solicitor in London. It is recommended to have the legal support of a criminal defence solicitor in London by your side who can investigate the circumstances and offer a suitable defence approach for your case.

How do we recognize a false cheque?

Counterfeit cheques cannot be recognized from the beginning, however, some signs can show that such a document is false. For example, spelling errors, alterations, or a bad print can reveal the fact that a cheque is not genuine. Also, cheques have specific bank numbers that can be verified with the financial institution. The cheque can be false if the identification number is not validated by a bank. Another way of verifying a cheque is to see if the written address is valid and that because counterfeit cheques can contain information about addresses that do not exist. Cheque frauds are met on a daily basis and it is up to us to make a short investigation first, instead of dealing with financial losses. One should talk to our criminal solicitors in London and find out more about their rights when accused of financial crimes.

How do we protect against cheque frauds?

Unfortunately, cheque frauds cannot be detected in time, but there are varied ways through which persons can stay away from such types of fraud. For instance, overpayment cheques should not be accepted but investigated instead. Knowing your customers will weigh much when dealing with payments made with cheques. Being pressured for making a payment should raise question marks and tell a person it is necessary to ask for a cheque verification before anything else. Feel free to ask for the support of a counterfeit cheque fraud solicitor in London if you believe you have been fouled and need immediate legal advice.

Facts about payment frauds in UK

Payment frauds take place in varied forms and fraudsters are quite inventive when it comes to financial crimes. A worrying phenomenon refers to identity theft that can leave persons out of money from their bank accounts. The use of false cheques is another type of financial fraud that has severe consequences and that registers huge losses every year. False cheques can also be provided by telemarketers who present all kinds of products and services sold at a higher value than it should be, and then send overpayment cheque frauds to potential victims. The advice in such cases is well-known, however, it is recommended to remind it from time to time and stay alert in front of potential financial crimes. For instance, if called by a telemarketer, one should make a verification of the company offering products and services over the phone and avoid as much as possible giving personal details like the bank account. Also, companies asking if a cheque payment is good for you should be refused right from the start. Counterfeit cheque frauds have a serious impact on people, and the following facts and statistics provided by UK Finance reveal a few interesting details:
  • approximately GBP 845 million represented financial losses through false cheques, unauthorized card payments or remote banking in 2018;
  • more than 84,000 incidents relating to financial frauds have been reported in 2018;
  • around GBP 218 million of cheque frauds in UK were prevented last year;
  • loses of approximately GBP 19.9 million represented counterfeit cheque frauds in 2018.
 Feel free to contact our counterfeit cheque fraud solicitors in London and ask for complete legal advice.