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Updated on Thursday 07th November 2019

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Courier frauds became a serious matter in recent years in UK, as scammers discover different methods to turn persons into victims in just a few minutes. Such scams can take place over the phone and unfortunately, elderly persons are highly exposed to such traps. Our courier fraud solicitors in London have experience in cases like these and can offer legal advice and representation for persons accused of such scams or for victims involved. Feel free to discuss with one of our criminal defence lawyers in London and find out more details.

How does the courier fraud work?

In most of the cases, fraudsters use the phone method by saying they are a bank representative or from the police. Then they ask to confirm some personal details like name and address, followed by other steps:
  1. Some fraudsters offer a phone number to call, in order for the case to look real.
  2. A credible situation is then presented over the phone announcing that unauthorized payments have been made from their bank account.
  3. The false police officer or bank representative says that the suspects have been caught.
  4. The next step in a courier fraud is to ask the victim for money for evidence and investigation in their case.
  5. Fraudsters will also send a courier or a taxi to pick up the money.
Scammers can be quite persuasive over the phone and victims can be easily convinced to send some money just to get rid of the problems. This is only an example of a courier fraud that can change the life of an individual in just a few minutes. It is highly recommended to ask for the legal advice of a courier fraud solicitor in London and ask for legal assistance. One of our criminal lawyers in London can take your case and prepare the defence if you have been accused of fraud.

Who can be a victim of courier frauds?

Courier frauds can turn normal people into real victims and in most of the situations, elderly persons are the vulnerable ones. Some fraudsters might use a scenario through which they announce a person that a car accident took place and it is necessary to sending some money for their relatives who were involved. Definitely victims over 50 or 60 years of age get sensitive and believe the accident is real, particularly if fraudsters make a short but genuine description about their family members. Solid advice refers to an immediate action instead of turning into a victim and send money to strangers calling over the phone. It is necessary to call your relatives and see if everything is in order or not. Also, you can benefit from legal advice from a courier fraud solicitor in London who has extensive experience in this field.

Protection against courier fraud

Courier frauds can take different forms and can result in losses of millions of pounds. Luckily, there are many ways to protect against such scams, as the UK National Fraud and Cyber Crime Report Centre recommend. First of all, it is good to know that the police or a bank representative will never make phone calls to ask about an individual's personal details like name, address, bank account or PIN. Also, no official will ask for money in exchange for different services, so anything that looks or sounds suspicious will have to be attentively measured before any action is taken. It is important to stay alert in front of scams and frauds and ask questions anytime you believe something is not right. It is up to us to properly analyze the situation we deal with, and control it from the beginning, even if fraudsters sound extremely convincing over the phone. Even emails asking for personal details and money, presented in a professional manner or linked to a noble cause will have to raise question marks in the first place.
Spotting the fraud signs from the beginning is extremely important and helps a person stay alert when it comes to personal finances. It is also recommended to contact the police and provide information about the possible fraud you dealt with over the phone or at the door. We also remind that the legal support of a courier fraud solicitor in London is highly recommended. We have gathered facts and information about frauds in UK:
  • Approximately GBP 6.1 million are lost each year due to courier frauds;
  • More than 1,000 courier fraud cases were reported and registered in September 2017 and September 2018;
  • More than 84,000 authorized push payment scams have been registered in 2018;
  • In the same year, the authorities in UK prevented frauds worth around GBP 38 million.
If you need legal advice from a criminal defence solicitor in London, we kindly recommend you to talk to us and get in touch with our courier fraud solicitors in London.