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Updated on Tuesday 21st April 2020

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Conspiracy to crimes often involves organized groups and/or group planning of serious crimes ranging from theft to murder. International organizations worldwide continue to fight with the phenomenon and to work closely at a high level in order to combat organized crime groups worldwide. Our criminal conspiracy solicitors in London are at your disposal if you have been accused of conspiracy. Such cases might be complex, therefore, we invite you to ask for legal support from our criminal defence solicitors in London.

The meaning of conspiracy and related crimes

In short terms, conspiracy refers to two or more individuals who plan to commit a crime at a certain time. Even the attempt of a criminal act through conspiracy and caught by the police before the act takes place is considered a serious crime. Here are a few facts about criminal conspiracy in UK:
  1. Conspiracy to defraud involves dishonesty and the act of depriving someone through illegal methods.
  2. There are also cases of criminal conspiracy meant to corrupt public morals by entering illegal arrangements.
  3. Not all persons involved in a conspiracy are part of the crime acts, but they can be accused.
  4. Cases of conspiracy to affect public mischief are against the laws in UK.
Conspiracy can go further at high levels of implicating countries and their representatives. If you have been accused of such crimes, you should immediately talk to our criminal conspiracy solicitors in London and ask for legal advice and representation. It is important to know that our criminal defence lawyers in London are at your service at any time, have extensive experience in this area and can explain your rights in such cases.

International laws – how is UK implicated

Conspiracy and common plans have been interpreted for many times during history, and there are countries that still pay, one way or another, for the hard consequences involved. The international laws clearly stipulate that criminal conspiracy is against the law, no matter the country where it takes place. The common laws are applicable in countries like France, UK, China and many more, referring to the law of nations. Criminal conspiracy comprises a wide range of criminal acts, starting from simple thefts and ending with genocide and terrorism. As it is known, an agreement stands at the base of criminal conspiracy which can implicate two or more individuals planning a criminal act which they intend to do. It is good to know that such an arrangement may sum up to a conspiracy level even if it holds a specific clause and it will rely on a high percentage on that condition, depending from case to case. This is where the prosecution needs to prove the intention in the criminal act. The chances for the accusations to be dropped are immense, however, our criminal conspiracy solicitors in London will have to examine the case and the facts before a defence is presented.

What is money laundering conspiracy?

Money laundering conspiracy might involve organized crime groups, cartels or companies that are implicated in the process of converting the illegal money into varied assets. In this direction, the prosecution will have to determine whether the persons implicated in money laundering conspiracy knew about the acts or about the criminal demeanor. The Criminal Law Act 1977 stipulates the provisions of criminal conspiracy and the consequences for such crimes. Our criminal defence lawyers in London offer in-depth legal advice, so feel free to address your inquiries to our team if you have been accused of such crimes.

What are the exemptions from liability for criminal conspiracy?

An individual can be released from criminal conspiracy accusations if he or she is an intended victim of such a crime. In the case of businesses in UK, if the single answerable person in a company is the defendant, the criminal conspiracy accusations between the suspect and the company will not get ahead because there are not two or more individuals proceeding in this direction. Our criminal conspiracy solicitors in London have a vast experience in this area, therefore, do not hesitate to ask for support in this matter.

Penalties for conspiracy accusations

The gravity of the offence will weigh much in front of the magistrates, and persons found guilty of criminal conspiracy can face many years of imprisonment. The sentence is fixed by the law for conspiracy and murder cases.

Strategies of defence for conspiracy in UK

There are several types of defences for conspiracy allegations in UK, depending on the circumstances and the laws of the defendant’s region. Three of the most used ones are as follows:

•    Defence for conspiracy for a crime which necessitates two individuals’ agreement: Certain crimes, like bigamy or adultery, necessitate the willing agreement between two individuals. In other words, the crime cannot be committed by one individual alone, like for example selling contraband, dueling or getting a bribe. 

•    The defence for conspiracy in UK which claims the suspect has abandoned the plan: Often times the defendant takes part in planning a crime, after which he or she changes his or her mind. Depending on the particular laws of the region where the case is being charged, if the person in charge changes his or her mind about the plan, he or she at least escapes liability for a crime which was committed;

•    Unfeasibility: Sometimes defendants bring up the issue of factual or legal unfeasibility as a defence to conspiracy in UK. These cases can include unfeasibility as a defence to conspiracy to murder a person who is already dead, or conspiring to giveaway trade secrets which prove not to be secrets after all and so on. Our  criminal defence solicitors in London can provide more information regarding this matter.

The following video offers complete information about the defence for conspiracy in UK

A conspiracy to defraud may be defined as a plan between two or more individuals to commit a certain fraud or offence. Usually, conspiracy can be related to any type of criminal activity. The conspiracy to defraud  has strong roots in history, especially in civil wars, and since then, all states are imposed specific laws and penalties to combat such issue. Our criminal defence solicitors in London can provide you with help and legal assistance if you are being accused of conspiracy to defraud.

Details about the conspiracy to defraud

There are two types of conspiracies to defraud: the conspiracy to deceive an individual and the conspiracy to expose an individual to risk. The conspiracy to deceive an individual implies a group of persons who wants to defraud somebody in a responsibility position by deceiving him into operating against his duty. This type of crime usually is related to public officials, their customers or even their workers.

The conspiracy to expose an individual to risk or even loss means to fraudulently take a person’s particular right he/she is entitled to. The Crown Court in the UK is in charge of hearing the case of conspiracy to defraud. The maximum sentence is ten years and can be given in the most serious cases of fraud. Our defence lawyer in London is able to verify your case and to give legal assistance, in order for you to receive the best possible result.

The correct methodology in a conspiracy defraud

The criminal defence solicitors in London need to examine the evidence, to know the client and to have knowledge in the commerce and business areas. Besides that, he needs to choose a proper and correct defence and  to offer a suitable preparation in cases of conspiracy to defraud.

On the other hand, it is good to know that in a conspiracy plan, an individual involved in a certain fraud without being aware of it or if he was acting dishonestly without knowing, he will be not condemned. These cases involve employees or clients who are easily being misled in different offences through illegal techniques.
We invite you to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London and find out more about the defence in cases of criminal conspiracy accusations. The legal advice in this matter is extremely important.