Defence for Civil Fraud

Updated on Tuesday 18th October 2016

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Fraud is an intentional dishonesty to secure an unfair or unlawful advantage or to leave a person without his legal rights. It can be a civil wrong, where a fraud victim asks for the prosecution of the fraud committed to avoid the deceit and/or recuperate monetary compensation, and a criminal wrong, where a scheme offender may be prosecuted and jailed by governmental authorities in the UK. The object of fraud may be monetary advantages or other benefits, like earning a driver's license or being eligible for a mortgage by way of false declarations. Our defence solicitors in London can offer proper guidance and legal assistance if you are suspect in a case of civil fraud.

The meaning of civil fraud in the UK

The Fraud Act 2006 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom and it concerns England and Wales and Northern Ireland. The Act gives a constitutional definition of the criminal offence of fraud, describing it in three groups:

•    fraud by false representation; 
•    fraud by failing to disclose information;
•    fraud by abuse of position. 

Many victims of fraud don’t know that they may have grounds to engage civil actions against the offender of the deceit or to pursue a civil lawsuit. There are a variety of tools available in the civil courts to help victims recuperate their losses with bigger speed, flexibility, and control.

Defence in a civil fraud case in the UK

Our criminal defence solicitors in London have suitable experience in complex, substantial and frequently high-profile civil fraud cases on behalf of appellants and perpetrators.

When civil fraud is suspected or exposed, the first steps of the defence are crucial and the defence attorneys in London will read, analyse and also summarize your civil fraud case, in order to provide instant strategic and tactical advice. Our civil fraud team has suitable experience in pursuing and defending any type of fraud-related claim.

Please feel free to contact our team of criminal lawyers in London for extra information and guidance regarding civil fraud cases.


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