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Updated on Tuesday 07th November 2017

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Local or foreign individuals who are charged with various types of drug offences can request the legal assistance of our criminal solicitors in London; the lawyers can assist with legal representation in drugs offences which are prescribed by the Drug Misuse Act 1971. If you are kept in police custody and accused of drug possession, it is good to know that our criminal lawyers can help you apply for bail and be released until the first hearing in the court of law in the UK.


Offences covered by the Drug Misuse Act 

Our team of criminal lawyers in the UK can provide legal advice for individuals who have been charged with drug offences, as prescribed by the Drug Act, which qualifies the following actions as being offences: 

•    drug possession;
•    supplying drugs;
•    drug import – export activities;
•    production of drugs;
•    cultivation of drugs

The British legislation stipulates that it is illegal to possess any types of drugs unless the person can provide the proof of an authorization in this sense. This rule is applicable in the case of controlled drugs, which can be used only under the provisions of the Drug Misuse Act.  According to the local legislation, drugs are categorised in 3 classes; class A refers to the possession, use or trafficking of strong drugs (considered as the most dangerous), class B is represented by drugs with a moderate risk, while class C refers to mild drugs, such as tranquillizers.


Possession of drugs in the United Kingdom

Persons who are involved in a drug offence related to the possession of illegal substances should know that, according to the local law, possession refers to the following situations on which one can be charged for: 

•    owning drugs for which the person is aware of;
•    owning drugs in complicity with other persons;
•    a person who used to own drugs, but disposed of them in a certain manner (past possession). 

Our team of criminal lawyers in London can assist you for any drug offence, regardless of the class, they are included in. A person can be charged with the possession of illegal drugs if the substances have been found in his or her physical possession (in a pocket, luggage, purse). It is important to know that the supply of drugs is punishable under the local legislation regardless if the person who provided them received money for this action or not. 

We invite you to watch a video about the drug offences in UK and about how we can help:


Penalties for illegal drugs in the UK

Individuals charged with drug possession can risk severe penalties like imprisonment for at least two years or for life. According to the type of drugs you held or produced, the authorities will enforce a certain penalty, including custody. For instance, if you have been accused of owning cocaine, methadone, magic mushrooms or ecstasy you can be punished with maximum 7 years imprisonment. The data changes if you are a producer or a supplier of such illegal drugs because you can receive life imprisonment.

For possession of cannabis, mephedrone or amphetamines the penalty is maximum 5 years in prison and up to 14 years if you are a supplier or you manufacture such substances. An individual who uses psychoactive drugs that cause hallucinations can receive a fine, but if one produces such substances he/she can be kept in custody for a maximum of 7 years. We remind that our criminal lawyers in London have a wide experience in cases of drug possession and can properly represent you in the court of law. The penalties will depend on the class and also the amount of drugs possessed, besides the criminal background, if there are any other criminal offences.

Who can be charged with drug possession in the UK?

People over 18 years old caught with illegal substances for personal use or for sale in the UK are subject to severe penalties. Even teenagers under 18 can be kept in custody or special centres if they have been arrested for drug possession. In this case, minors must make no statements, unless a parent or a tutor is present, besides our UK attorney.

If you need legal assistance on a drug offence in the United Kingdom, please contact our team of criminal solicitors in London for representation on this case.  



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My flatmate has been recently charged for the possession of illegal substances and I'd like to know to what types of risks I am exposed to right now, because I suspect that I can easily be considered a suspect in this case. Thank you.

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