Defence for Financial Crimes

Updated on Tuesday 18th October 2016

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Today is generally known that the occurrence of economically encouraged financial crime in several societies is a considerable risk to the growth of economies and their steadiness. If you are suspect of a financial crime in the UK it is recommended to ask for help from our defence solicitors in London.


What is a financial crime in UK

It is possible to split financial crime into two fundamentally different, although closely connected categories of conduct. First, there are actions that deceitfully produce wealth for those involved in the behaviour in question. As example, the manipulation of insider information or the acquisition of another individual’s property by dishonesty will consistently be done with the purpose of securing a material advantage. On the other hand, an individual may involve in deceit to secure material benefit for another person. Second, there are also financial crimes that do not include the dishonest taking of a profit, but protect a benefit that has already been gained. An example of this kind of demeanour is when someone tries to launder criminal profits of another offence, in order to place the proceeds outside the reach of the rules and regulations.

Our criminal solicitors in London can legally represent you in case of financial crime and can support you and offer the contribution to any authority that is in control with investigation of a crime in the business area.

Legal advice in financial crimes

Financial crime usually covers the following offences our defence solicitors in London can legally assist you in:

•    electronic crime;
•    money laundering;
•    terrorist financing;
•    bribery and corruption;
•    information security;
•    fraud;
•    market abuse and insider dealing.

By understanding what approach the prosecution is taking, the defence solicitor in London can arrange a strategy intended to wrong-foot that line of attack. If the investigators and prosecution are unsuitably hostile and negative in the interviews and pre-trial relations, that might offer an opportunity to present a more attractive and positive case in the hearing. The interviews frequently point to ranges that come up later in cross examination and deliver evidence as to what questions the defendant will encounter in the Court of Law. 

Our criminal solicitors in London will precisely read, analyse, compare and summarise the documentation upon your case, so that the most significant features of your case are available in seconds, if required.

For extra information in cases of financial crimes, please feel free to contact our team of defence solicitors in London.


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