Defence for Public Order Offences in U.K.

Updated on Friday 24th November 2017

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The Criminal Law, in respect of public order offences, is intended to penalize the use of violence and intimidation by persons or groups against others. The purpose of Public Order Law is to confirm that the individuals have the right to freedom of speech and freedom of association which are well-adjusted compared to the rights of others to go about their lives unconstrained. Our criminal defence solicitors in London are specialized in problems concerning public order accusations, mostly involving insurrection claims or other allegations of crowd violence and can provide assistance for any individual who might deal with public order offences.

Clarified public order offences in U.K.

The “Public Order Act” covers most offences concerning behavior which disturbs the order in public spaces. Here is a short clarification of each public order offence in the UK, that our defence solicitors in London can provide legal advice and representation for:
  • Intimidating, offensive or insulting behaviour means using threatening behavior or offensive language to scare someone.
  • Intentional harassment contains behavior, written signs, words or any other representations and the maximum punishment is six months detention. 
  • Affray implicates the activities of persons causing a theoretical individual at the scene (who doesn’t need to actually be there) to be scared by the manners of the people using or intimidating violence. 
  • Violent disorder applies when more than three individuals acting with common purposes use or intimidate other people with violence and harassment.
  • The riot from the “Public Order Act” regards the behavior of more than 12 individuals with a common purpose that uses violence in public spaces.

If you are suspected in any case above or you need legal representation, our criminal lawyer in UK will offer proper guidance and legal support in front of the authorities. Also, we have prepared a video with information about the public order offences and about how our criminal lawyers in UK can help: 

What can a legal team do in cases of public order offences in the UK?

First of all, our team of attorneys will examine if the evidence supports the prosecution or not, will contact the witnesses and will attack all the weak components in the trial case. If somebody is acting as part of a crowd or if he/she is acting officially, for instance in self-defence, or whether he/she is just at the scene of a disorder, all of these are queries which our lawyers in London may consider. A non-violent demonstration in which a small number of people start acting violently can involve people who later can be accused of public order offences, even if they haven't been part of such group. The simple criminalization of free communication the and meeting must be observed in details.

Defence for persons accused of intentional harassment

An abusive, insulting or threatening behavior used against a person is considered intentional harassment and such conduct can be punished in accordance with the law. The Magistrates’ Court in UK deals with cases of intentional harassment or distress and can grant a maximum sentence of 6 months if a person is found guilty. The cases of intentional harassment accusations need to be attentively analyzed, which is why our defence solicitors in London can help with complete legal representation in the court of law. Furthermore, persons accused of intentional harassment, alarm or distress as part of public order offences and detained into custody have the right to apply for bail and be released until the first hearing in front of the magistrates.

Defence for persons accused of threatening or insulting behavior

A threatening, abusive or insulting behavior is considered a public order offence and the person accused of such crimes can face penalties or imprisonment if the circumstances also involve a violent conduct. Such behavior refers to insulting gestures or words used against someone; persons accused of these kinds of offences are suggested to talk to one of our criminal lawyers in UK. Our team can give proper legal support in front of the authorities and can explain you the rights in case you have been accused of a threatening, abusive or insulting conduct.

A proper defence for public order cases in UK

Our solicitors in London need to prepare a suitable defence, where complete information needs to be provided. For instance, there are cases where persons accused of public order offences had to defend themselves or have been part of a disturbance or protest without being the initiators. In other situations, a peaceful protest can transform into a violent one which can involve persons who have not taken part to such disturbance but have been accused of public order offences. All the circumstances must be explained in front of the authorities, with the help of our experienced attorneys.

Please feel free to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London for any other information or assistance regarding public order offences.


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