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Updated on Tuesday 07th November 2017

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Persons who have been accused of theft charges in the United Kingdom (UK) should know the procedure through which they will be subjected in this case. This type of accusation is regulated by the Theft Act, which stipulates what types of situations are considered theft, the way in which they will be handled by the local authorities and the legal effects they have on the accused persons. Those who need to find out more on this subject can receive the legal assistance of our team of criminal solicitors in London

Theft in the UK, a comprehensive meaning 

As a general rule, theft refers to the illegal act in which an individual permanently deprives another person of an object considered a personal belonging. Robbery includes the act of theft of various belongings of a person, but it also refers to a certain degree of violence (regardless of its nature). Stealing from an indoor settlement is considered burglaryTheft charges have to be proven as being dishonest, but the Theft Act provides several exemptions from this rule, as follows: 

•    burglary which includes criminal damage;
•    stealing a vehicle;
•    blackmail;
•    equipment prepared for a theft. 

It is important to know that the Theft Act 1968 stipulates that the law system shall not treat in a different manner persons who were accused of theft, regardless if they have stolen various assets in order to obtain a financial gain or to use the objects for their own benefit; our criminal lawyers in UK can assist individuals with legal advice on this matter. 

Theft sentences in London, UK

Theft sentences in London are issued in accordance with the court in which they are held. As such, cases carried out in the Crown Court will be judged under the stipulations of the Theft Act, Section 7, which established a period of 7 years of imprisonment. Cases held in the Magistrate’s Court can receive a sentence of maximum 6 months of imprisonment; at the same time, the court can establish a fine for the accused person. Depending on the case, the court can decide to impose both of the measures. An important aspect refers to the fact that persons who have been accused of theft charges for the first time and who possess a criminal free record will receive a reduced sentence. 

We invite you to watch a comprehensive video about the theft charges in UK and the ways we can provide legal advice:  


Legal representation in case of theft charges    

A person can be charged with theft offences like robbery, burglary or stealing and can be punished in accordance with the law in the UK, most of them with imprisonment. Such crimes involve persons who steal assets or belongings of someone else, with the use of force or not, and can be punished with at least 10 years of prison. In a case of burglary, the situation is a little bit complicated because a crime can be involved, meaning a bigger punishment, up to 14 years of imprisonment. The individual accused of theft charges has the right to solicit help and guidance from a criminal lawyer in London who will analyze the case and represent the offender in the court of law. If there is no evidence, the accused individual can be released on bail until the first hearing on his/her case. Meanwhile, if a witness makes a testimony in a theft case, your lawyer will be informed and further investigations will be made. No matter the type of charges brought to you, it is best to get in touch with our criminal solicitor in the UK who can suitably evaluate your case, in order to provide you with legal support in the court of law.

Short conclusion about theft charges

Theft is definitely considered a serious crime in the UK which is punished with imprisonment. Our solicitors in London have a vast experience in theft cases like burglary or robbery, and if you have been arrested for such criminal offences, make sure to ask for legal help. If the circumstances of a theft are severe or less severe, you can receive a sentence or a fine, or both in some cases, but if you have a good defence, you may be found not guilty and released from any theft charges.

Please contact our team of criminal solicitors in UK, who can offer legal representation on any theft charge; together with the client, the lawyers will impose a defence strategy, representing the interests of the person accused to have performed an illegal action. 


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