Defence for Traffic Offences in UK

Updated on Monday 16th October 2017

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Every year, many people are issued with licences to drive motor vehicles like cars, vans, trucks or motorcycles. To preserve high standards of road safety it's significant that every individual is aware of the regulations regarding driving in the UK. If you are accused of road traffic offences you will need representation from our criminal defence solicitors in London with experience and proper knowledge of road circulation regulations. Our team can provide help and representation in cases like drunk driving, penalty points, dangerous driving, speeding, failure to stop at the scene of an accident.

The most common road traffic offences in U.K.

In cases of speeding offences, the police officer or the Magistrates' Court will enforce a fine and 3 to 6 penalty points on the permit; on the other hand, if your offence includes extreme high speed, then you can receive a driving ban.  Quite frequently, a suspect will raise the issue that there were no signs on the highway showing limited speed.

Dangerous driving is a severe crime and brings the risk of custody and our defence solicitors in London can represent and give you proper support during the period you are involved in such case. When a car accident has taken place and both damage and/or individual injury have/has been produced, the driver is advised to remain at the scene of the accident, offer his name and address and also the documents of the vehicle, if required to do so by a police officer or any individual having rational grounds. This is an offence under “Section 170 Road Traffic Act 1988” - to fail to stop at the scene of a car accident - and our team can provide the needed assistance in a case like this. On the other hand, most circumstances implicate minor collisions in car parking and because of this, while the possible consequences can be severe, in many cases, the event is dispensed with a fine and a few penalty points. In this case, the defence used by our team is that the driver was unaware that an incident had happened.

Drunk driving is a severe offence and brings a compulsory interdiction for at least 12 months. An individual can defend himself in this type of accusation if he can prove to the court that he wouldn’t have driven the car until the alcohol in the body had reduced below the lawful bounds. Being suspected or accused of a road traffic offence is really shocking for a person and can have a big influence on his/her life, so if someone is presently facing a road traffic offence, we can take the pressure off by representing and counseling him/her either at court or at the police station.

Legal representation in case of drunk driving offences

The statistics show that each year there are more than 3,000 traffic offences related to driving under alcohol influence and about 100,000 persons who do not pass the alcohol test on police stop in traffic. In many cases, individuals are charged with serious traffic offences where personal injury is reported. Besides unlimited fines, the individuals can be sent into custody and can face imprisonment. Our defence solicitors in London can offer legal assistance once the charges have been made and can help you be released on bail until further hearing in the court of law.

Legal support in cases of failure to stop and report an accident

Failing to stop and report an accident in traffic or elsewhere, including parking lots, may end with fines and penalties. A driving ban can be received even for a minor incident that wasn’t reported to the police. Persons who are witnesses to an accident without being part of it and not reporting to the police can be prosecuted according to the rules and regulations in this matter. Whether you have committed a traffic accident and you didn't stop and reported to the police, or you are a witness in traffic and accused of not reporting an accident, it is best to ask for legal advice from our criminal lawyers in UK. They have a wide experience in traffic offence cases and can offer legal help in front of the authorities after a complete analysis of your case.

For a better understanding of our defence services in UK in cases of traffic offences, please watch the video below: 

 Please feel free to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London if you need legal representation in cases of road traffic offences.


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