Defence in Cartel Investigations

Updated on Tuesday 18th October 2016

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The Enterprise Act 2002 was created to operate as an incentive to open and truthful competition and a warning to hardcore cartels. Since the Act came into force in June 2003, it has been a criminal offence for any person to deal with another individual to involve in a cartel activity, counting market sharing, restriction of supply or manufacture, bid rigging and price fixing.

Penalties in cartel investigations in the UK

Under the provisions of the 2002 Act, individuals found guilty of involving in such cartels can be penalized by a sentence of up to five years in jail, a limitless fine, or even both. Particularly, the cartel offence has never applied to corporations and only a person can be accused. Corporations are dealt under the UK civil competition rule where no criminal punishments apply. Our defence solicitors in London will prudently analyse your case and will provide you with legal counsel and proper information.

Defence in a cartel investigation in the UK

From helping you deal with the primary intervention and evaluating the legitimacy of authorisations to dealing with clemency applications and overseeing interviews if you are under investigation for supposed cartel behaviour, our solicitors in London will forcefully protect your interests to obtain a suitable result for your business. The criminal lawyer in London will classify and accurately evaluate the risks in your case and then will help you deal with them, in order to achieve competition compliance in the appropriate and cost-effective manner possible. Accusations of cartel activities and illegal price fixing frequently lead to huge and difficult investigations which can span international limits and multi-jurisdictions. Our team of defences lawyers in London can provide you with proper guidance and advice on all aspects of your case, including negotiations with law enforcement organisations here and overseas and counselling on extradition

For any other information or legal assistance regarding cartel investigations please feel free to contact our team of defence solicitors in London.


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