Defence in Corporate Investigations

Updated on Saturday 12th November 2022

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Because it is a competitive environment, and with all sorts of challenges, the corporate sector in UK may face several illegal issues subject to investigations. Even if it might seem hard to defend against deceitful and harmful actions, it is always suggested to ask for support and legal representation from criminal solicitors in London. Our team can manage your case, and besides that, individuals accused of offences in UK can be suitably represented in front of the authorities.

The meaning of a corporate investigation in UK, explained by our criminal defence solicitors in London

International treaties to fight money laundering, cross-border corruption, funding of terrorism and more complicated international collaboration between authorities, including tax authorities are just a few changes in the corporate and financial world, that happened lately. Moreover, it has become a fact that businesses themselves may become victims of fraud or of breach of regulations, counting also internal rules. All these should lead to amplified attentiveness, better groundwork and an inclination to act and respond. In a corporate investigation, our criminal defence lawyers in London may provide legal support and representation.

For more details about the defence in a corporate investigation in UK, please watch the video below: 


Defence in a corporate investigation in UK

Our criminal solicitor in London offers legal assistance for all clients in circumstances where they are subject to an investigation into breaches of rules and regulations, counting also internal procedures or where they desire to lead such investigation themselves. Our legal services include:

•    inter alia compliance associated and pro-active advice;
•    guiding inside forensic surveys;
•    negotiations with and/or actions against authorities and liable parties, containing confiscations and regaining of reimbursements.

Here are the main fields where our criminal lawyers in London have experience in:

•    criminal defence;
•    investigations;
•    asset recovery;
•    compliance and regulatory matters.

Have you been accused of fraud and even detained by the police? We recommend that you do not discuss your case until you get in touch with our serious fraud solicitors in London. They can offer you representation at the police station, after which they will analyze your case. The necessary defence strategies will be adopted, and if there is no evidence regarding the accusations, you can be released on bail pending further proceedings.

Considering the business risk in UK

Corporations in UK may deal with counter-surveillance, potential lawsuits, and working with partners or providers who haven’t divulged the fact that they are subject to fraud investigation or company debt. All these may lead to business loss and an affected image on the market. Our criminal solicitors in London can help companies with complete and solid defence in cases of corporate investigations. In many cases, a positive result after a corporate investigation may lead to business loss recovery, and furthermore, the organization can be helped and guided to avoid future risks and problems.

Please feel free to contact our team of defence solicitors in London for legal assistance and suitable guidance in corporate investigation cases.