Defence in Corruption Cases

Updated on Wednesday 14th November 2018

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Investigations in corruption cases can have life-changing implications, even if an individual is not condemned. It is, therefore, significant that corruption cases are dealt with major attention and consideration by our team of criminal defence solicitors in LondonCorruption means proposing a reward for a favor, a case which usually involves a public official. Nowadays, even little handouts or business entertaining can be considered corruption for which primary legal support is crucial. 

The defence in a corruption situation provided by our criminal solicitors in London 

Corruption cases may include millions or billions of dollars, span states, agencies and governments and involve many business areas.  Our defence solicitors in London are ready to offer complete guidance and legal representation from the preliminary corruption investigations and police station interviews finished with charges and crown court hearing. The severest possible situation is that an innocent individual or organization is caught up in accusations of corruption. In this case, the criminal lawyer in London will do whatever it takes to help accused individuals demonstrate they have done their best to act morally and lawfully. Our team of advisors will make sure the working processes they have in place are suitably corruption-proof to avoid any accusations of bribery being made against any individual. They will inspect the current procedures and will make recommendations on what should be improved to make the organization more resistant to corruption.

Defence for bribery and corruption in UK

Bribery and corruption are strongly related and fall under the Bribery Act 2010. In corruption cases in UK, bribery is an illegal tool which is adopted by persons interested in certain services or favors from someone. Bribery is definitely against the law so it is corruption and persons charged with such accusations and arrested by the authorities in charge must ask for legal support from our criminal defence solicitors in London. Our team will analyze the case considering the criminal justice scheme in cases of bribery and corruption. In this matter, the solicitors in London can obtain a favorable plea bargain, a dismissal in the case or a minimum sentence which in many cases can be appealed if the individual pleaded not guilty.

We invite you to watch a video about the corruption cases in UK  and the defence we can provide you in front of the authorities: 


How to appeal the sentence in corruption cases in UK

Persons accused of corruption in the UK are subject to trials and hearings in the court of law. There are situations where even if the proof presented raises question marks, the offender can be found guilty and sent to prison. The conviction and the sentence can both be appealed to the Court of Appeals in the UK, with a solid and proper defence which can be offered by our team of criminal defence solicitors in London. The only purpose in such case is to reduce or eliminate the sentence or even eliminated it if additional evidence is presented when the verdict is appealed. We remind that only offenders who pleaded not guilty in a case of corruption can appeal a sentence.

Important steps in preparing the defence in case of corruption

Our team of criminal defence solicitors in London is able to advise both firms and persons on all features of anti-corruption implementation containing:

•    representation of witnesses or involved parties associated with corruption proceedings;
•    negotiation with prosecuting authorities;
•    effective defence prosecutions;
•    assistance for clients in getting ready for an interview;
•    preparation of complex cases for trial;
•    replies to dawn raids.

Please feel free to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London in UK for extra information, proper guidance and legal representation in a case of corruption.