Disturbing the Peace Solicitors in London

Updated on Tuesday 18th June 2019

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Disturbing the peace is an offence part of disorderly conduct crimes or public order offences for which penalties and imprisonment are issued. Persons accused of such offences will have to ask for the support of our disturbing the peace solicitors in London and find out information about the legal support offered. Representation in front of the authorities and in the court of law can be provided by our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.

Short facts about disturbing the peace offences

Disturbing the peace is normally considered an infraction, or a crime which takes place in public and which distresses persons or a group of individuals. In other words, individuals engaged in an unsuitable behavior like talking loud, making noise, using an inappropriate language in front of others can be reported to the police and then accused of disturbing the peace offences. Such crimes are typically punished with fines or a few months or days of imprisonment. Here are some details about disturbing the peace offences:
  • The Justices of the Peace Act 2018 is part of the Common Law and stipulates 6 months of jail for persons accused of disturbing the peace in public.
  • The Youth Courts in UK deal with minors under 18 years of age accused of public offences like disorderly conduct.
  • Low-level crimes are sent to the Magistrates’ Court in a proportion of 95%.
  • The Magistrates’ Court had around 21,500 volunteers deal with the Justice of the Peace.
Let us remind you that persons accused of public offences can be helped by our team of disturbing the peace solicitors in London.

Types of offences part of peace disturbing

Using an offensive language in a public place, fighting or challenging someone, shouting in a public place, playing loud music late in the night or making excessive noise in a public place are only a few of the offences related to peace disturbing. Annoying or harassing persons in public in a violent manner, including a bad language, is definitely against the law and persons found guilty of such crimes can receive fines or some months of imprisonment. It is important to know that the authorities will have to determine the circumstances, the evidence and hear the witnesses involved. Moreover, if violence is involved, the case might be subject to other accusations. 

When disturbing the peace goes to a new level of offences

There are numerous cases of police officers harassed in duty by different individuals who eventually were accused not only of disturbing the peace but also of assault. Depending on the gravity of the case, offenders might be sent to jail for more than just 6 months. Community service might be issued as alternative sentences for accusations of peace disturbing in UK. Immediate legal advice is offered to persons accused of such crimes from our disturbing the peace solicitors in London.

Victims of disturbing the peace in UK – What to do in this case

Victims of harassment or of violent or inappropriate behavior should talk in a calm manner and avoid such a situation by leaving the problematic place. If the situation goes bad, the next thing to do is to contact the police and ask for immediate help. In this case, the police can issue a first warning and if it doesn’t help, the authorities will have to take measures and enforcement actions immediately. Let us remind that if the case is more than just a problematic and unwanted behavior in public, you should get in touch with a team of criminal defence lawyers in London and solicit legal advice as a victim of disturbing the peace offences

What is the defence in disturbing the peace cases?

The defence in cases of public offences like disturbing the peace might take different forms, and our criminal defence solicitors in London can offer immediate legal advice. For example, the offender can plead not guilty or can use the circumstances as self-defence. Also, your criminal lawyer in London proposes a specific defence where the conduct can be seen as non-offensive in the court of law. Also, plea bargaining for low-level crimes and fewer consequences, especially in the case of immigrants who might be affected by accusations of peace disturbing. It is extremely needed to get in touch and talk to a criminal defence lawyer in London and ask for fast legal advice, right from the police station if you have been accused of disturbing the peace offences.
If you are an individual accused of public offences, including disturbing the peace, you are advised to contact one of our criminal defence solicitors in London and address your questions and inquiries.