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Updated on Thursday 21st November 2019

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Domain name renewal scams and domain name registration scams are two types of domain name scams outlined by the Office of Fair Trading in UK. Fraudsters have numerous ways through which they can gain easy money and foul persons on the internet by convincing them to give personal data, name, bank accounts and many more. The same thing is available for domain name scams that have varied faces. Legal advice in this matter can be offered by our domain name scams solicitors in London. It is recommended to have the support of a criminal defence solicitor in London who can explain your rights in such cases.

What is domain slamming?

Domain slamming refers to the type of scam through which customers are convinced to renew the subscription to a new registrar instead of the old one. This means that the payment for a new subscription is made to a false domain registrar who also obtains complete personal information. If you believe you have been involved in such a scam, you can talk to one of our domain name scam solicitors in London

False domain name offers

Unfortunately, the ways in which hackers and fraudsters make money are widespread, and persons can be easily fouled on the internet. For example, a person may look for the registration of a domain name and receive a false offer that looks genuine in the first place. The entire purchase process looks legitimate, starting from the presentation of the agency or domain name seller and ending with the sale process. The advice in this matter would refer to the way in which a person interested in buying a domain name should make verifications before any purchase and see if the domain name seller is real or not. In the case of offenders who have been accused of cybercrimes like these, the support of a domain name scams solicitor in London will prove extremely helpful. Feel free to talk to one of our criminal lawyers in London and solicit immediate legal advice.

What is fake trademark protection?

Domain owners can receive emails announcing that another company claims the registration of the same domain and business name. Moreover, the scammers say that they successfully protected the trademark of the targeted individual and stopped the bulk registration. If persons respond to this kind of email, the scammers will try to register the domain for a couple of years, soliciting money for several years of trademark protection. This is nothing but a scam meant to leave you out of a particular sum of money or different registration fees. Those who believe they have been victims of internet scams should immediately get in touch with a domain name scams solicitor in London. It is important to have the support of a criminal defence solicitor in London and get the needed support in this matter.

Invoice scams

Another domain name scam refers to the emails comprising all kinds of invoices with information about your domain registration and the fees you need to pay. This kind of fraud is meant to convince persons into paying different sums of money for the domain name registration they already paid. The first thing to do is to verify the expiration date of the domain and check the validity of the invoice you received. If the current domain name registration doesn’t match the information on the invoice, that clearly is an internet scam you should report. Such cases, unfortunately, are seen on a daily basis, so you might want to check on the internet about similar situations confronted by other persons. The Action Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre advise persons to report any suspicious internet fraud they witness and double-check any information received on email. Besides that, the legal support of a domain name scams solicitor in London will prove extremely helpful, as he or she has experience in this field. Feel free to talk to a criminal defence lawyer in London and see what kind of legal advice you can receive.
Below you can find interesting facts and details about cybercrimes and internet frauds, according to the UK Office for National Statistics:
  1. More than 17 million UK residents were victims of cybercrimes in 2017.
  2. More than 4.5 million cybercrimes took place between March 2017 and March 2018.
  3. Around 3.24 million fraud offences were registered in the same period.
  4. Approximately 1.23 million computer misuse crimes related to hacking and child pornography were recorded between March 2017 and March 2018.
Those who need legal advice and assistance should contact our domain name scams solicitors in London right away.