Doorstep Fraud Solicitors in London

Updated on Thursday 28th November 2019

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Doorstep fraudsters or bogus tradesmen can be extremely persuasive when selling all kinds of products right at the door, telling that they represent a company and that they have all sorts of things you might be interested in. In most cases, fraudsters use pressure selling methods to convince people to buy all sorts of products and give money instantly. If you are a victim of such frauds, feel free to talk to one of our doorstep fraud solicitors in London and ask for immediate legal advice. One of our criminal defence lawyers in London can explain your rights if you have been accused of bogus tradesmen frauds.

How does the mechanism work?

Promoting products and services at the door might sound attractive for numerous persons, but unfortunately, there are cases in which persons become victims of fraud right at the doorstep of their house. According to statistics, elderly persons are the most vulnerable to frauds of this kind. Doorstep frauds happen on a daily basis and the mechanism is quite simple but regrettably easy to defraud people:
  • false sellers claim they represent a big company and want to present some products;
  • bogus tradesmen can present false identification documents;
  • they use persuasive methods to convince people to buy their products;
  • in most of the cases, the products presented are of poor quality;
  • some bogus tradesmen can present a contract and solicit personal information;
  • in the end, they ask for money and even offer a bill which needs to be paid.
Doorstep fraudsters might offer a period of time where persons can change their mind and return the products if they don’t want them anymore. Unfortunately, this will never happen and the money will not be returned. Our doorstep fraud solicitors in London can provide immediate legal advice and support for persons who are victims of this type of fraud. On the other hand, persons accused of doorstep frauds should ask for legal advice from a criminal defence lawyer in London who can give more details about their rights.

How can we protect against doorstep frauds?

First of all, it is important to know that no one can force you to buy something you don’t want. This means that you should not believe every doorstep seller who presents all sorts of products and services at the door of your house. You also have the right to ask for identification documents and even contact the company represented by bogus tradesmen. More than that, you should be a little bit reticent when it comes to providing personal details like the ones related to your bank account when a salesman at the door asks for such information. You should make verification and see if the doorstep seller is genuine or not and if the company he/she represents really exists. We must add that any kind of product or service bought should have a guarantee option and also a bill. Unfortunately, doorstep frauds might have other faces too, meaning that false sellers might be undercover burglars you invite in, without knowing this fact. If you purchased poor quality products at high prices and if you paid with a credit card right at the door, you might want to verify if you have been a victim of doorstep fraud. Any suspicious thoughts you might have, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our criminal defence solicitors in London and ask for immediate legal advice and support.

What to do if I’m a victim of doorstep frauds

Persons who discover they have been fouled by a bogus tradesman should contact the police and report the case to the Action Fraud Agency in UK. In addition, one should immediately talk to a doorstep fraud solicitor in London and see how they can represent your case. On the other hand, persons accused of fraud should also have the support and guidance of a criminal defence lawyer in London who can take the case, make some verifications and investigations before a defence is provided.
We have gathered some facts and information about doorstep frauds and other crimes registered in UK:
  1. Bogus tradesmen and computer crimes were among the most met scams in UK in 2018.
  2. There have been more than 3.6 million fraud cases reported in UK in 2018, as stated by the Office for National Statistics.
  3. Around 10,000 doorstep frauds, computer frauds and dating scams are discovered each day.
  4. In most cases, persons over 64 years of age can be potential doorstep frauds victims.
If you would like to know more about how to protect yourself in such a situation, we invite you to contact our doorstep fraud solicitors in London and ask for legal advice.