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Updated on Wednesday 24th May 2023

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Citizens who have been caught driving under drug influence or arrested for drug possession should seek immediate legal assistance and advice from our team of drug lawyers. Our criminal defence solicitors in London are at the disposal of individuals kept in police custody who need legal support and want to be released on bail. Our team can represent you in the court of law if you have been accused of serious crimes in UK.
 Quick Facts  
Cases for which our drug lawyer can represent you

Accusations of:

- drug possession,

- use and sale of drugs,

- driving under the drug influence

What to do if you have been kept in police custody for drug offences

Get in touch with one of our defence solicitors in London for legal advice, do not answer to police questions.

Bail application requested by our defence solicitors (YES/NO)


Legal services offered by our defence solicitors for minors (YES/NO)  Yes
We provide legal advice for accusations of drug supplies (YES/NO)


We represent our clients in the court of law for drug offences and accusations (YES/NO)


Strategies offered by our defence solicitors in UK

- verification of evidence,

- discussions with the prosecutor in charge,

- support for bail application

Type of evidence analyzed by our drug lawyers 

- videos,

- photos,

- witness declarations,

- police reports

 What happens if caught with controlled drugs?

The police has the right to verify the documentation or doctor's prescription.

 Can the police impose a drug test? (YES/NO)  Yes
Penalties for drug driving in UK

Unlimited fines and/or imprisonment for up to 6 years

Legal aid offered by our defence solicitors in London

Depending on the case and circumstances

Free case evaluation (YES/NO)


 Legal representation in any city in UK (YES/NO)


Legal support for entities involed in drug offences (YES/NO)  Yes

Local or foreign individuals who are charged with various types of drug offences can request the legal assistance of our drug lawyers in London; the solicitors can assist with legal representation in drugs offences that are prescribed by the Drug Misuse Act 1971. If you are kept in police custody and accused of drug possession, it is good to know that our drug offense lawyers can help you apply for bail and be released until the first hearing in the court of law in the UK.

When you are faced with legal problems, it is recommended that you consider the support of our fraud solicitors in London. They can represent you in front of the courts, with optimal defence strategies for you to get rid of accusations or even prison, as the case may be. We are attentive to the case presented and the evidence involved, plus to provide information about sentence for conspiracy to supply class A.

What are the offences covered by the Drug Misuse Act?

Among the offences prescribed by the Drug Act, the following are important: drug possession, supplying drugs, drug import-export activities, production of drugs and cultivation of drugs. Our team of drug possession lawyers in London can provide legal advice for individuals who have been charged with drug offences, stipulated by the Drug Act. 

British legislation stipulates that it is illegal to possess any type of drug unless the person can provide proof of authorization in this sense. This rule is applicable in the case of controlled drugs, which can be used only under the provisions of the Drug Misuse Act.  According to the local legislation, drugs are categorized into 3 classes; class A refers to the possession, use, or trafficking of strong drugs (considered as the most dangerous), class B is represented by drugs with a moderate risk, while class C refers to mild drugs, such as tranquilizers. Contact our criminal lawyer in London for representation and legal support.

Our legal aid solicitors in London are at your disposal if you are implicated in a serious case like domestic violence, forced marriage, or any other emergency case. You can solicit legal aid if you cannot afford the costs and if your case is extremely serious. The authorities ask for bank statements, police and medical reports, and any other evidence that can sustain your case. More about our legal services can be found if you get in touch with our team of lawyers.

Possession of drugs

Persons who are involved in a drug offence related to the possession of illegal substances should know that, according to the local law, possession refers to the following situations in which an individual can be charged for: 
  • owning drugs for which the person is aware (the individual can be sent to prison);
  • owning drugs in complicity with other persons (such persons can face imprisonment in UK);
  • a person who used to own drugs, but disposed of them in a certain manner (past possession);
  • individuals who own drugs for selling purposes or for their own consumption.

Our team of drug lawyers in London can offer legal assistance drug offence, regardless of the class they are included in. A person can be charged with the possession of illegal drugs if the substances have been found in his or her physical possession (in a pocket, luggage, purse). It is important to know that the supply of drugs is punishable under local legislation regardless if the person who provided them received money for this action or not. 

What are controlled drugs in UK?

There are cases in which individuals are retained due to a check-up routine where controlled drugs are found. These types of drugs are accompanied by a document in this sense which proves that the individual can possess such kinds of drugs. There are also certain categories that contain drugs prescribed by the doctors and for which a legal document is necessary. Please address your inquiries in this sense to our team of drug possession lawyers.

We suggest you get in touch with our serious fraud solicitors in London and discover the legal services provided if you are implicated in corruption or bribery cases. Accusations of money laundering are also severe, and those found in this difficult position should ask for legal representation and support. We can propose varied defence strategies so that the charges can be dropped. Contact us right away if you need guidance.

What are the penalties for drug driving in UK? 

Persons who drive under the influence of drugs can be imprisoned for 6 years, can receive an unlimited fine, and can have their driving license retained. Also, a criminal record will be opened in the name of the individual found guilty of drug driving offences in UK. If you have been caught and retained by the police under the influence of drugs while driving, it is strongly recommended to get in touch with our team or drug lawyers. Here is a video that explains how our drug solicitors in London can help you:


Legal drugs which can impair one’s ability to drive

In England and Wales, it is considered an offence to drive after taking certain legal medicines if they weaken a person’s ability to do so. These drugs include:

•    amphetamine, like selegiline or dexamphetamine;
•    clonazepam;
•    morphine or opiate and opioid medicines;
•    oxazepam;
•    diazepam;
•    flunitrazepam;
•    lorazepam;
•    methadone;
•    temazepam.

What is drug testing in UK?

The police in UK can arrest individuals suspected of drug consumption for which drug testing is mandatory. The authorities are in charge of showing individuals how this testing is done, whether at the time the arrest took place or at the police station in UK. Contact our drug possession lawyers in London for details. 

What are the penalties for illegal drugs in the UK?

Individuals charged with drug possession can risk severe penalties like imprisonment for at least two years or for life. According to the type of drugs you held or produced, the authorities will enforce a certain penalty, including custody. For instance, if you have been accused of owning cocaine, methadone, magic mushrooms, or ecstasy you can be punished with a maximum of 7 years imprisonment. The data changes if you are a producer or a supplier of such illegal drugs because you can receive life imprisonment.

For possession of cannabis, mephedrone, or amphetamines the penalty is a maximum of 5 years in prison and up to 14 years if you are a supplier or you manufacture such substances. An individual who uses psychoactive drugs that cause hallucinations can receive a fine, but if one produces such substances he/she can be kept in custody for a maximum of 7 years. We remind you that our drug lawyers in London have a wide experience in cases of drug possession and can properly represent you in a court of law. The penalties will depend on the class and also the number of drugs possessed, besides the criminal background, if there are any other criminal offences. You can rely on our drug offense lawyers for legal services in this case. 

Who can be charged with drug possession in the UK?

People over 18 years old caught with illegal substances for personal use or for sale in the UK are subject to severe penalties. Even teenagers under 18 can be kept in custody or special centers if they have been arrested for drug possession. In this case, minors must make no statements, unless a parent or a tutor is present, besides our drug lawyers.

Defence for driving under drug influence in UK

Driving under drug influence in UK is strictly forbidden, and persons accused of such serious crimes should know that imprisonment is issued if found guilty. Drugs like diazepam, amphetamine, oxazepam, morphine, clonazepam, lorazepam, temazepam, and methadone cannot be consumed before driving in the UK, as it is strictly illegal. The same thing is available for drugs like cocaine, ecstasy, cannabis, heroin, and ketamine, as stipulated by the Misuse Drug Act, with the mention that there are specific limits in the case of prescribed drugs by the doctor. These are stipulated by the Drug Driving Act for England and Wales.

How is the defence for driving under drug influence?

It is good to know that there are special cases of defence for individuals accused of driving under the influence of drugs, depending on the circumstances and evidence involved. For example, a person can consume specific drugs and then drive a car if there is a prescription approved by a doctor in this matter. These are controlled drugs for certain diseases, and persons accused of driving under the influence of drugs should ask for immediate legal advice and provide the needed evidence for the case. Here are a few things you should know about the cases in which medical drugs are prescribed:
  • a prescription showing details about the medicine and about the doctor should be provided in case the police stopped you in the traffic;
  • the legal possession of drugs needs to be stipulated by a document in this sense and presented to the police officer if it is the case;
  • you should ask for immediate legal advice if you cannot prove that you have a drug prescription and you are allowed to drive;
  • the defence for driving under the influence of drugs is similar to the one for drinking and driving, so please feel free to solicit assistance in this sense. 

How can a drug solicitor help you?

Persons arrested for drug possession and personal consumption should immediately ask for our team of drug lawyers and find out the ways in which we can provide legal assistance. The possession of drugs is considered a serious crime for which a person can be sent to jail for at least 5 years, depending on the case. Our team of drug possession lawyers can handle the cases involving the individuals accused of drug possession and consumption and can verify each case, the evidence, and the circumstances involved. It is important to support the offender and provide the needed defence in case bail can be obtained. Also, a drug lawyer in London will seriously treat every case and verify the accusations before the proceedings take place in a court of law.


Short facts about the psychoactive drugs in UK

According to the Psychoactive Substances Act which was adopted in 2016, the authorities have the right to make verifications and checkups on persons, shipments, vehicles and related matters and act in accordance if psychoactive drugs are found. It is good to bear in mind that psychoactive substances are strictly forbidden for possession and consumption in UK, and individuals accused in such cases can be arrested at the time the drugs are found. Also, even persons who possess psychoactive drugs for personal consumption can be sentenced to imprisonment for about 7 years.

The use of drugs in UK is definitely a concern of authorities who continue to fight against the phenomenon through varied methods, among which, various border checkups and specific programmes. Also, the UK authorities are aware of the cases in which minors turn into drug consumers or even drug dealers, and they continue to collaborate with different organizations within UK directed to such situations. There is a high focus on the ways in which minors can rehabilitate back into society and stay away from drugs. For details please contact our drug trafficking lawyers in London. 

Short facts about the types of drugs forbidden in UK

It is important to know that life imprisonment, penalties and fines are imposed for criminals found guilty of drug possession and supply within the territory of UK. Cocaine, ecstasy, and heroin are part of Class A drugs, while amphetamines, codeine, and cannabis are Class B drugs. A person found guilty of possession and supply of Class C drugs like steroids and tranquilizers for which they do not have a prescription and license to use can be sent to prison or can face serious penalties. Our drug lawyers in London have a wide experience in cases like illegal drug import and export, trafficking and supply involving persons or companies with a severe criminal record. Contact us if you have been accused of conspiracy to supply class A.

Do I need defence in case of drug trafficking and supply?

Yes, you should immediately ask for complete legal advice if you have been accused of drug trafficking and supply in UK from our drug lawyers in London who can handle your case from the beginning. It is important to know that a case is built on solid evidence, and if your situation shows no proof in this sense, our team of advisors can provide the needed legal representation and can help you apply for bail if you have been detained by the police in UK. 

Defence for persons accused of drug possession and trafficking

An accurate and detailed approach is needed to create a vigorous defence plan in front of the prosecution, reminding that drug possession and trafficking are serious concerns in UK for which harsh penalties are imposed. Our team of drug trafficking and supply solicitors in London will work in a proactive manner for your case and will act in your best interest in the entire case. There are many cases of drug trafficking and supply that are connected to money laundering in UK, a matter that gets even more serious. Let us remind you that our team of drug lawyers in London can handle both cases and can structure the defence in the best interest of the client until the charges are dropped and if the evidence presented does not sustain the case.
Being involved in a complex and high-profile case involving both companies and persons, our drug possession lawyers can respond in a fast manner in cases like conspiracy to import and supply drugs, production, and cultivation of drugs, and of course, possession of drugs within the territory of UK. There is a serious need for strong and immediate defence and representation in front of the authorities. Contact our drug trafficking lawyers in London. 

What is a conspiracy to supply class A drugs and how can you be helped by our lawyer

Conspiracy to supply class A refers to the understanding of some persons or groups of persons in order to distribute and sell drugs in a certain territory. AND the following information may describe conspiracy to supply class A drugs:
  • Exchange of messages in which drug deals are mentioned and the way in which they can take place.
  • People involved in drug transactions and who obtain supplies from drug dealers in order to sell them.
  • Acting as a courier for collecting and delivering drugs.

Class A is the most serious category of drugs banned in the UK. This includes drugs such as heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, methadone, crack cocaine, and magic mushrooms.

If you have been accused of conspiracy to supply class A drugs, we recommend that you immediately contact our drug lawyers for representation. Persons who have been invited to the police headquarters for voluntary interviews under caution can also benefit from the same legal aid if the authorities consider that they had contact with a drug dealer. 

Regardless of the case, you are advised not to answer the police's questions until you are represented by one of our specialists. Crimes involving conspiracy to supply class A are extremely serious, so take the advice of a lawyer first of all.

Conspiracy to supply class A sentencing guidelines

The charges of conspiracy to supply class A drugs are quite serious. While some people can only be fined, others can be imprisoned for life. There are certain factors that can influence the sentence for conspiracy to supply class A:
  • Convictions and criminal record,
  • If pleading guilty or not,
  • The role in a conspiracy to supply class A drugs,
  • If an individual has been part of the conspiracy to supply class A by intimidation, force, pressure, etc.,
  • The seriousness of the offense.

Regarding the conspiracy to supply class A sentencing guidelines, we mention the fact that, if you are found guilty by the Magistrates' Court, and depending on the gravity of the situation, you can receive fines of up to GBP 5,000 and imprisonment of up to 6 months. On the other hand, in the Crown Court, you can receive life imprisonment and unlimited fines, either together or separately, taking into account how serious the charges are and if you are found guilty.

You can discuss more about conspiracy to supply class A sentencing guidelines with one of our drug lawyers.

Being charged or arrested for conspiracy to supply class A in the UK

Certainly, the accusations of conspiracy to supply class A are serious and have a devastating impact on the people who face them. Even so, there may be cases of false accusations, and your name may be mentioned in totally inappropriate situations, knowing that you have no involvement. The first thought you should have is to ask for specialist help from our drug solicitors.

You can get in touch with us when such accusations are brought to you, regardless of whether they are false or not. You will be able to know from the very beginning what your rights are, what you must do to defend yourself and what are the strategies by which you can get rid of such accusations. Our specialists have experience in this field and can offer you the necessary support and advice right from the first actions of the authorities against you.

FAQ about drug driving and traffic offences

1. What is the set of laws regulates the drug driving offences?

The Drug Driving Regulations Act 2014 is the set of laws mentioning the type of drug driving offences, penalties, and many more. You can talk to our drug driving lawyers in London for complete information about the governing legislation.

2. What happens if I get caught by the police in traffic?

The police can make traffic verifications at any time. Some police officers might ask for specific tests if they believe a driver is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Instead of complicating your case, it is best to collaborate with the police.

3. What happens if I refuse to make the tests imposed by the police?

The police can arrest persons caught driving under the influence of drugs who refuse to make specific tests. In these circumstances, your case might get complicated. Make sure you get in touch with one of our drug driving solicitors in London and ask for immediate legal advice.

4. What are the penalties for drug driving offences?

Driving disqualification of at least 12 months, unlimited fines, community orders, and even imprisonment of up to 6 months are among the penalties for drug driving offences in UK. Penalties might be cumulative if the offences and consequences had a major impact on the public (victims, traffic deaths, etc.)

5. How can a drug driving defence lawyer in London help me?

Our drug driving solicitors in London have a wide experience in such cases and can successfully represent persons who have been accused of driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. These accusations are quite severe, yet our legal advisors will explain your rights from the start, make some case verification, and inform you about the next steps. We can represent our clients in the court of law and we can create the proper defence strategies for the best possible results.

Do I need a drug solicitor for my case?

Yes, if you have been accused of possession and/or consumption of drugs, do not hesitate to talk to our team of drug lawyers and discover the legal proceedings in your case. Please feel free to get in touch with our team of drug trafficking lawyers and ask for immediate legal advice for your case.