Eligibility for Legal Aid

Updated on Wednesday 13th September 2017

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The UK legislation stipulates that individuals charged with criminal offences have the right to solicit legal aid and to be represented by a lawyer in the court of law. The eligibility in such cases will be decided by the Legal Aid Agency in the UK. For complete information on this matter or for a proper defence in the courts of law, it is recommended to talk to our criminal defence solicitors in London who have a wide experience in numerous serious offence casesThere are situations that make an exception and, according to the circumstances of your case, the court decides the eligibility for legal aid. Also, the legislation gives you the possibility, according to the particularities of your case, to benefit from free legal aid, if you are unemployed or you do not dispose of assets or goods.

Eligibility for legal aid with a few restrictions

Here are the major exceptions in which a person does not have eligibility for legal aid:

•    personal injury cases (bodily harming cases) because they are under a different type of agreement;
•    defamation;
•    business crime offences;
•    some categories of family case offences.

To determine your eligibility for legal aid, our team of criminal lawyers in UK can provide you with all the details regarding the particularities of your case and help you decide if you can apply for legal aid.

Statement of eligible for minors

One should know that there are some exceptions that give you the statement of eligibility as follows:

•    you are a minor, under 16 or 18 years, depending on the case. People who are 18 years old, but in full-time education system, benefit of legal assistance and no check of their eligibility for legal aid will be necessary;
•    in some special cases, the court can declare positive your eligibility for legal aid.

Eligibility for legal aid if you are a victim of abuse

Once you have reported the domestic abuse to the police, it is strongly suggested to get in touch with a criminal solicitor in London. There are many cases of domestic violence when victims or suspects cannot pay the costs of a trial, therefore, they can apply for legal aid. The Legal Aid Agency in UK deals with cases of domestic violence, when the legal aid is requested. In order to be eligible for legal aid in the UK, it is mandatory to provide the authorities with details about your financial status, whether you have a job or not, or if a minor is in your custody. There are special conditions to obtain legal aid in such cases, a matter where our criminal lawyer in London can offer legal support. Please keep in mind that persons accused of domestic abuse have the right to appeal for legal aid.

Necessary documents to grant the legal aid in UK

If you want to request legal aid in your case, further information needs to be provided to your criminal solicitor in UK, and here we remind the following:

•    marriage and birth certificates in family cases;
•    divorce letters in family cases;
•    statements about your financial status;
•    details about your national insurance;
•    documents related to your case and provided by the court of law.

We remind that persons who have been accused and detained by the police for criminal charges also have the right to solicit legal aid. The video below can explain the conditions to obtain legal aid in UK:  

On request, our attorneys can provide you with help and guidance to determine your eligibility for legal aid, if you are involved in a criminal offence. If you need more information regarding the eligibility for legal aid, please contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.



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