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Updated on Thursday 02nd May 2019

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Embezzlement is known as a type of financial fraud and a deliberated crime involving the act of withholding specific assets until the conversion or theft takes place. Financial advisors and even natural persons can commit such crimes. If you have been accused of financial fraud you should talk to our embezzlement solicitors in London and ask for in-depth legal advice. It is highly recommended to talk to a criminal defence lawyer in London and find out more about the legal representation he/she can offer in such cases.

What types of embezzlement acts can be met?

The criminal conversion of property is another type of fraud or embezzlement which can occur in any kind of sector. Unfortunately, there are fraud cases which cannot be detected for years. Here are a few cases of embezzlement for which individuals can be accused and sent to jail:
  1. False financial advisors can steal specific investment funds.
  2. Mutual bank accounts can be subject to embezzlement crimes.
  3. Criminals acting as trusted representatives can embezzle only a small amount of assets telling that the minimized the risks.
  4. Embezzlement might occur in cases of company reorganization if independent accounting methods and services are not provided.
Embezzlement acts can be detected after a few years when the victim finds out that their funds or assets are missing. Victims of such kind of financial frauds should immediately get in touch with our embezzlement solicitors in London. Complete assistance in such cases plus legal representation can be offered by our criminal solicitors in London.

What is the criminal conversion?

Embezzlement is defined as a serious financial fraud referring to the cases where persons are deprived of the ownership of a property or asset, meaning that the component of criminal conversion asks for considerable interference with the property rights of the registered owner. The conversion of tangible or intangible properties enters the area of embezzlement actions. The grave element is that the offender must have been in lawful possession of the property at the time the fraudulent conversion took place, and not only property trusteeship. If the criminal had lawful possession of the property, then the crime is considered an embezzlement act which is definitely against the laws in UK.

Embezzlement schemes

The falsification of documents and records is part of embezzlement crimes in most of the cases and the interesting fact is that small amounts of money or other types of assets are stolen in an organized manner for a specific period which can take months or years. Embezzlement schemes can be easily created and used by criminals who in most of the cases must pass the confidence test and turn into trustworthy financial advisors. In cases of companies, false employees can be created and that for payroll checks and salaries, obviously through embezzlement schemes. The following methods of frauds turn individuals or companies into real victims of embezzlement:
  • The supply of false bills to the company subject to financial frauds.
  • The Ponzi scheme is also considered an embezzlement act.
  • False cheques and payments which are later discovered.
  • Moving funds from one place to another, although such funds should be available for withdrawal.
Investors who believe they have been victims of business crimes or investment frauds should ask for legal advice from our embezzlement solicitors in London. Dealing with various cases like these and having experience in fraud accusations, our criminal defence solicitors in London can offer immediate legal assistance and representation in the court of law.

What happens if you are found guilty of embezzlement crimes?

In most of the cases, embezzlement accusations are extremely severe and lead to varied consequences. Depending on the circumstances and the criminal acts involved, an offender can receive serious fines, can go to jail or can lose the business license if it is the case. Being released on parole will pretty much depend on the gravity of the crimes. The criminal record will strengthen the decision in the court of law, alongside the cases of embezzlement where violence, abuse or murder took place. As for the defence offered by our embezzlement solicitors in London, this will be created around the facts, meaning that if there isn’t enough evidence or if there was no intention to commit a crime, the offender is out of charges.

Our criminal solicitors in London are at your disposal if you want complete legal support in cases of embezzlement, so feel free to contact us at any time.