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Updated on Wednesday 22nd May 2019

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Obtaining properties, money or other assets through coercion or blackmail is a criminal offence named or known as extortion. Such crime is definitely illegal in UK, and persons accused in this matter should immediately get in touch with our extortion solicitors in London and find out how we can help. Our criminal defence solicitors in London are at your service if you have been accused of blackmail and extortion in UK.

The definition of extortion – What you need to know

Being a victim of blackmail and extortion is definitely the type of situation no one wants to deal with. Such cases are often linked to racketeering and victims are asked for money or different assets in exchange for protection against third parties involved. Here are a few details to consider about extortion:
  • Organized crime groups are mostly linked to extortion and blackmail.
  • Extortion can involve, in some cases, threat and violence.
  • Political corruption can involve blackmail and extortion at a high level.
  • Robbery and extortion are two different serious offences for which imprisonment can be issued. 
Our extortion solicitors in London are at the disposal of offenders with complete legal assistance. On the other hand, if you are a victim of extortion, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of criminal defence lawyers in London.

The cases of extortion in UK

The Theft Act 1968 comprises the provisions regarding the extortion cases in UK, referring to the use of coercion for extorting properties or money from varied persons. This is normally seen and considered blackmail that in different situations involves physical pressure and violence. The same set of laws mentions cyberextortion which defines cases where offensive force is used by offenders or group of criminals with the help of internet. In many cases, medium and large companies are implicated in blackmail and extortion with the use of threatening emails comprising confidential information about the business, among other things. Cyber attacks are part of extortion and hackers can ask for specific sums of money or other assets in exchange for protection against a possible breach. There are specialized departments in UK that deal with cyberextortion, however, if your company has been involved in cyber attacks, blackmail, and extortion you should ask for legal advice. Feel free to talk to our criminal defence solicitors in London and find out more about your rights if you have been accused of extortion.

What is theft by extortion?

Theft by extortion represents a serious crime in UK and it involves persons who succeed to obtain a property or more by threatening another person. Here is what you need to know about theft by extortion, mentioning that our extortion solicitors in London are at your disposal with complete legal assistance and representation:
  1. Persons restraining others by threat and/or violence with the purpose of gaining assets can be accused of theft by extortion.
  2. The intention of exposing private information and soliciting financial gains instead is called blackmail.
  3. Perpetrating any other injury or maltreatment which would not considerably use a person but which is intended to materially harm another individual.
  4. Severe cases of theft by extortion can lead to life imprisonment.
Persons accused of theft by extortion can face serious years of jail, so this is the case where a solid defence can play a major role. Let us remind that our team of extortion solicitors in London is at your disposal with comprehensive legal assistance.

Why choose the support of our criminal solicitors in London?

An experienced team of criminal defence lawyers in London will determine the facts and the circumstances of the extortion case, and if there is no solid evidence, the charges can be dropped. It is important to know that a simple case of extortion can turn into a complex one if violence or crime are involved, or if you are a public official who is blackmailed and extorted. This is a case where the authorities can intervene, and more than that, your extortion lawyer in London can explain your rights, whether you have been involved in such a case as an offender or not. Victims of extortion need to contact the police and to get in touch with a criminal defence solicitor in London for immediate legal advice, plus representation in the court of laws.
We strongly recommend you contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London and ask for immediate legal advice and references. A strong defence, leads in many cases to positive results, especially in extortion cases.