Failure to Surrender to Custody

Updated on Wednesday 12th July 2017

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Offenders released on bail have the obligation to surrender to custody at each request at the police station. If for any reason the individual fails to appear in front of the authorities, he/she can be considered culpable of breaking the conditions or dealing with a new offence. A complete legal representation is necessary in cases of failure to surrender to custody, a matter where our criminal defence solicitors in London can help.

What happens if you fail to surrender to a police station

Persons kept in custody and who were granted the bail need to respect the conditions imposed and to appear to the police station every time is needed in criminal offence cases. If this obligation is broken, the authorities can analyze the culpability, in order to see if the failure to surrender to custody is a negligence or was a deliberate act. The cases when the individuals fail to surrender to the local police station mean that the course of justice has been delayed. Also, the witnesses in serious offence cases, when the offender fails to surrender to custody, can be preoccupied about their safety or can doubt the justice in their cases. Our criminal solicitors in London are able to properly analyze your situation if you have failed to surrender to custody at the police station and can offer a suitable approach on your case with comprehensive legal advice.

What happens if you fail to surrender to the court of law

The court of law in UK can grant bail for individuals kept in custody for different criminal offences, according to the circumstances. If an individual fails to surrender to custody to the court of law, it is considered that the justice is deferred. There are cases when an offender appears in front of the magistrates in the court of law on a different day than the one established in the first place and presents a late guilty plea which permits the case to be disposed of at some point. The problem caused by the failure to surrender to custody on time might counterweight the benefits restricting from the change of plea.

The criminal defence solicitors in London can explain the entire procedure in this particular case and can give full recommendations if a person has failed to surrender to custody in the court of law. It is good to know that the delayed trial in a court of law in the UK can make the case difficult compared to a short hearing in front of the judges on a settled date made by the authorities. Please consider that our criminal lawyer in UK is able to offer representation in the court of law in serious offence cases and can explain the terms and conditions of bail before making any decision.

Failure to surrender custody can also be considered a serious offence, especially if an individual has a criminal record. We suggest you to get in touch with our team of criminal solicitors in London for additional information in this matter.


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