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Updated on Wednesday 22nd May 2019

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Defrauding someone can be done with the help of forgery, a serious offence part of white collar crimes. In this case, false documents or instruments can be used, with the intention of deceiving someone. Our forgery solicitors in London are at your service with complete legal advice and assistance if you have been accused of the above-mentioned type of crimes. You should seek immediate legal support from our criminal defence solicitors in London if such accusations have been brought to you.

The meaning of forgery – what you need to know

In most cases, forgery is related to false products or instruments with are used to defraud a person. As an example in this sense, offenders can use forging money in different currencies, also known as counterfeiting. Moreover, forgery is also related to false products, other than the original ones produced by a known manufacturer. The following details refer to forgery, a serious offence for which individuals can be sent to jail:
  1. The concern on false products relates to the price and the ways in which false objects can be sold on the market.
  2. The use of objects or projects through forgery with the intention of defrauding someone is a crime.
  3. On an international scale, there are cases of forgery involving false art objects meant for sale purposes.
  4. The Bills of Exchange Act 1882 stipulates the type of crimes using false signatures with the intention of defrauding someone.
We remind that if you have been accused of forgery, we suggest you ask for immediate help from our forgery solicitors in London. Our criminal defence lawyers in London are at your service with comprehensive legal advice.

The Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981

According to the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981, persons can be accused of forgery if they create false instruments with the purpose to persuade someone to accept it as genuine, and this way, the offender succeeding to defraud that person. More than that, a person guilty of forgery is liable, on conviction of the prosecution, to custody for no more than 10 years, or, on an immediate sentence for no more than 6 months. Fines can be issued, depending on the seriousness of the case.
Let us remind you that our forgery solicitors in London are here to provide immediate help, as soon as the accusations have been brought to you.

What happens if I’m kept in police custody?

If the police have sufficient evidence to make an arrest and keep a person into custody, the next thing to consider is to call your criminal defence lawyer in London and solicit immediate legal advice. It is important to know that you have the right to not answer any police questions until your solicitor in London is present at the police station. Also, you can ask for medical assistance or for legal aid, if it is the case. Nevertheless, the support of forgery solicitor in London is mandatory from the very beginning because such accusations are severe and can lead to long-term imprisonment.

Short facts about counterfeiting

Fake brands or logos, false money, trademark infringement, false products which can contain toxic elements are part of counterfeiting, a serious crime against which the UK authorities continue to fight and to implement a series of measures through its legislation. There are also cases of governmental bonds counterfeit which refer to public debt instruments created without a legal base and used as insurance for loans or credits. Organized crime groups are often involved in counterfeiting, on an international level and with worldwide connections including with UK. The intention to deceive through forgery often includes false documents or products. This is considered fraud and according to the Fraud Act 2006, individuals accused of such crimes can face imprisonment. No matter if you decide to get in touch with our fraud solicitors in London or with our forgery solicitors in London, it is mandatory to think of immediate legal advice if such accusations have been brought to you, whether as an individual or as a company representative. Business crimes including fraud acts are treated extremely serious in UK and abroad, the authorities working closely on cutting such crimes from the bottom, where organized crime groups might be difficult to breach.
No matter if you are accused of forgery or if you are a victim of such crimes, it is recommended to contact our criminal defence solicitors in London and receive immediate legal advice. If it is the case and if you cannot afford a lawyer in London, your case might be eligible for legal aid.