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Updated on Monday 19th October 2020

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No matter the type of fraud you have been accused of, our criminal solicitors in London can represent you in court and find the proper defence for your case. Many frauds are known as white collar crimes and an important part of our clients are large companies and high-income individuals – local and foreign businessmen. Our fraud solicitors in London represent suspects, defendants, and witnesses in different types of frauds: bribery, corruption, tax frauds, bank fraud, money laundering etc. You can also receive legal assistance from our serious fraud solicitors.

Defence for bribery accusations provided by our fraud lawyers

Bribery cases involve offenders who promise a certain amount of money or any kind of assets in exchange for special requests or benefits. As it is known, bribery is a serious crime for which, if found guilty, a person can face penalties and/or imprisonment if the case is severe. Offering bribe in order to solve a commercial purchase or contract is definitely against the law. There are situations in which public officials take bribe for varied settlements like intervening in cases of election or any kind of business deals. The Bribery Act 2010 is a set of laws of high importance in UK, and it covers all the crimes and the penalties imposed, condemning the act of bribery. Our fraud lawyers in London will have to properly analyze the bribery case and the accusations and ask for a plea bargain or a lighter verdict if it is the case. Let our serious fraud solicitors take care of your case and provide you with complete legal advice if you have been accused of fraud acts like bribery.

What is the defence for money laundering cases in UK?

Illegal activities are a serious threat not only in UK, but on an international scale, for which the defence might be complex and might prolong. Companies or business persons accused of money laundering should seek immediate legal advice and representation and get in touch with our fraud solicitors in London. Shell companies, black salaries, transaction laundering and many more are serious frauds for which criminals can be sent to jail for a long period of time. Our fraud lawyers in London are at the disposal of persons accused of money laundering within the UK territory and are ready to assist them in front of the authorities, starting from the police station and ending in the court of law. Determining the circumstances and the facts of a money laundering case is the first thing to consider by a serious fraud solicitor.

Defence for investment frauds in UK

UK is an important business hub that offers a multitude of investment openings for both local and overseas market players. Even though the legislation is strict and protects businesses from frauds, there are certain arrangements or illegal deals that can affect and/or involve specific companies. We are talking about investment frauds like a fraudulent manipulation of the stock exchange, bank investment schemes, illegal insider trading and many more. Persons found guilty of investment fraud in UK will have to ask urgent legal representation from our fraud solicitors in London who know the applicable legislation and who can prepare a suitable approach in such cases. Even in cases involving large sums of money, a strong and well-prepared defence can be the right answer, therefore, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of serious fraud solicitors as soon as fraud accusations have been brought to you.

How is the defence for benefit fraud?

The benefit fraud defence will mostly depend on the seriousness of the case and on the related consequences. Using false identity or any kind of fake documents to claim certain benefits like pension funds or social funds enters the benefit fraud category for which persons accused will have to face the penalties imposed. There are complex cases in which the prosecution will have to discover if the person accused of benefit fraud was aware of the acts or he/she had the intention or not. As for the defence, our fraud lawyers in London will have to analyze every aspect of the accusations, in order to build the case and to provide in-depth support in front of the authorities. We recommend you get in touch with our serious fraud solicitors and ask for complete legal advice if you have been accused of benefit fraud. Also, you can view the video presentation below:


Defence for corruption accusations in UK

Corruption is a worrying phenomenon at an international level and can have serious consequences anywhere in the world. This is another type of fraud which refers to the cases in which a public official or other individual is financially rewarded in return for a specific favor. There are many cases of corruption which are subject to millions or even billions of dollars, however, such accusations need to be highly and attentively measured, thinking that a serious fraud solicitor can provide complete legal assistance comprising of a proper legal approach, depending on the circumstances of the case. Companies accused of corruption in UK should ask for immediate legal advice and support, as such cases are extremely severe and need to be treated in accordance. Our corruption solicitors in London are at your disposal from the very beginning, especially if the case has an unwanted social impact.

Can I receive the legal support of an insurance fraud solicitors in London?

Yes, our insurance fraud solicitors in London are at your disposal if you need legal advice for this kind of accusation. In most of the situations, insurance companies are involved in such serious fraud cases, where individuals or companies can present false documents in order to obtain a large amount of money. Criminals also have other ways to defraud insurance companies in UK, among which, intentional floods or fire, damages or false insurance contracts which eventually can be detected by the authorities. Insurance companies are the ones that report a big amount of money losses, especially if such fraud cases cannot be detected in time. The support of our serious fraud solicitors is needed in such cases, so it is recommended to get in touch with us and find out more about the legal advice they can offer, whether as a victim of insurance fraud or as a criminal accused of such offences.

Telemarketing frauds in UK

Telemarketing harassment is met on a daily basis anywhere in the world, including in UK, a worrying phenomenon against which the authorities continue to fight. The mechanism is quite simple and in most of the cases, telemarketers are asking for money in exchange for different products or services, many of them presented with offers that you cannot miss. Fortunately, such unsolicited calls can be reported to the police and to the Telephone Preference Service in UK. Normally, the Telephone Preference Service in UK has a database comprising persons who do not want to be part of the list of telemarketers in UK. In any case, if your company is sued for telemarketing frauds, it is recommended to have the legal advice of a serious fraud solicitor as soon as possible. Also, in the case of persons who have been victims of telemarketing frauds, they should also ask for legal assistance and representation from an experienced lawyer in this field. We remind that scams over the phone can leave a person without money if he or she reveals personal information about bank accounts and related private matters.

Online frauds via email – What to do in such cases

The internet is vast and unfortunately home to numerous crimes among which, the ones referring to identity theft for accessing personal bank account without permission. Hackers have different methods to defraud individuals on the internet, and false emails are highly used. Such an email can be quite persuasive, particularly if it contains sensitive information about social cases, accompanied by photos, videos, and other materials. In the end, the sender asks for a specific sum of money or for the personal bank account. This is nothing but an online fraud meant to leave persons without money in their bank accounts. The first thing to do in such a case is to report the email as spam and not give any personal information. This is probably the best way to protect yourself against online frauds, however, you should ask for support and legal advice from our serious fraud solicitors. Here is information and also statistics about frauds in UK:
  • online frauds reported by retailers in UK summed up around GBP 265.1 million in 2018, a rise of 29% rate compared to 2017;
  •  frauds worth GBP 1.6 billion have been stopped by the UK authorities through different security systems, in 2018.
  •  on the other hand, unauthorized frauds summing up to around GBP 1.6 billion have been committed in UK last year.
  • approximately 56% of the total financial frauds registered in UK in 2018 were payment card frauds.

Help from our doorstep fraud solicitors in London

Doorstep frauds are, unfortunately, widespread everywhere in the world. False sellers can knock at the door telling they represent a well-known company with different products for sale purposes. The fraud mechanism continues by persuading a potential client to give money for products of poor quality without having an idea about this aspect. Even a contract can be proposed in order to look genuine, a moment when future victims are requested to offer persona information like credit card number, bank and many more. In the end, victims are required to pay a small fee and reserve their products which are supposed to be delivered at a certain date. Unfortunately, elderly persons are the ones who get trapped by such frauds and discover their bank accounts have been emptied. More than that, victims will not receive any product or can find out that the products they bought are of poor quality. One of our doorstep fraud solicitors in London can give immediate legal advice in such cases. Moreover, persons accused of doorstep frauds in UK should ask for legal assistance from one of our serious fraud solicitors who can represent them in the court of law.

Support from our consumer fraud lawyers in London

Credit and debit card frauds, mortgage frauds, debt collection frauds, electricity frauds, and advance fee frauds relate to consumer frauds widely met in different fields. Criminals take advantage of innocent potential victims by introducing themselves as representatives of different companies that deal with the sale of products and other services. A serious example in this matter is the advance fee fraud that involves an amount of money for a service or product. For instance, potential victims might be attracted by emails presenting the opportunity of winning a big prize for which, a small fee is needed. The mechanism goes further and victims who believe this a good chance of money do enter the game, send money and even personal details like name, and credit card number. Unfortunately, this is just another type of fraud that makes numerous victims of any age, but mostly elderly persons. One of our serious fraud solicitors can give proper legal advice and represent you in the court of law, whether you are a victim of fraud or accused of fraud.

What is employment fraud?

Fake job offers presented on email or on the internet make numerous victims who believe the change for a good workplace has been revealed. Such type of fraud normally involves false recruiters who can act on behalf of a well-known company and who present a lifetime job opportunity, well paid and with different benefits. In exchange for such a great job offer, fraudsters can ask for a specific fee that needs to be sent in a bank account. Fake job offers can also be presented on the internet or over the phone. The mechanism goes further online and offline by asking the potential victim to give all the personal details needed. In the end, victims discover that their bank accounts have been breached, and there is no job offer available. This is just an employment fraud case that makes numerous victims on a yearly basis, so legal support is needed as soon as possible. One of our serious fraud solicitors can give complete legal assistance and guidance when dealing with such crimes.

Can fraud cases be reopened?

Yes, fraud cases can be reopened with the legal support of our fraud solicitors in London. In this matter, a totally different approach in a fraud case can be adopted by one of our serious fraud solicitors. More than that, an appeal to the verdict can be considered by one of our fraud solicitors in London who can prepare your case from another point of view. There are particular circumstances in which some fraud cases can be reopened by the Magistrates’ Court, and verdicts can be changed in favor of a person accused of fraud. The lack of evidence or proof that hasn’t been properly verified can be important defence methods used by a fraud solicitor in London. Also, some questions can arise at the time a case has lots of chances to be reopened:
  1. Was the first verdict correct?
  2. Are there any witnesses involved?
  3. Is the lack of evidence a starting point for reopening a case?
  4. Is the sentence accurately issued?
  5. Is it in the best interest of justice to reopen a case?

One of our fraud solicitors in London can give the proper answers to the above-mentioned questions related to the ways in which a case can be reopened.

Why choose our serious fraud solicitors in London?

Fraud accusations are serious and with severe consequences for both victims and offenders. It is important to have an experienced team of serious fraud solicitors by your side who can provide the needed legal support:
  1. A fraud lawyer in London has the necessary experience in severe or less severe fraud crimes.
  2. Our advisors will analyze your case in the first instance, in order to create the defence.
  3. Legal advice and representation are provided at the police station.
  4. All your legal rights are explained as soon as you get in touch with a fraud solicitor in London.
  5. The experience in fraud cases will play a major role in your situation and will help you benefit from a suitable and complete defence.
  6. Fraud accusations can be dropped if there is no serious evidence to sustain them, and offenders can be released from custody on bail.
  7. We know in detail the local regulations related to various frauds and can find the proper ways of defence in your case. 

Contact us for details regarding our fees and the way we can represent you in front of the court. Our fraud solicitors in London will analyze carefully your case, let you know the risks and the chances of winning the trial.